Gustav Yoma - Dead


Body Hits 8
Armour 6
Fatigue 10
Parries 5
Dodges 1
Damage Hex
Psyche 6
Psychic Damage Single
Remaining Luck 1


Total XP: 250
XP Left: 2


Warrior 4
Blood Sorceror 5
Ranger 3
Scholar 1


Income: 15
Hexa Cash: 90


General Skills Rank XP Total
Tough 5 30
Luck 1 4
Clout (Western Dragons) 1 4
Strong-Willed 1 4
Warrior Skills Rank XP Total
Great Weapon 1 14
Armoured Combat 1 6
Armour Repair 1 4
Strong 5 30
Weapon Master: Greatsword 4 24
Night Job 1 4
Blindfighting 1 10
Blood Sorcerer Rank XP Total
Blood Magic 5 50
Ordained 1 6
Rites 5 20
Arcane Lore 2 6 (special)
Learned 3 6
Ranger Rank XP Total
Survival (Dream, Forests) 2 12
Disengage 2 8
Scholar Rank XP Total
Poisoner (Application) 1 6
XP Total 248

Ordained: Lady of Battles.
Night Job: Low Guard, Monster Hunter
Arcane Lore: Blood, Black Flame (Taught by Christina de Velland for reduced cost).
Learned: Common Monsters, Exotic Monsters of the East, Western Dragons.


  • Troll Blood: +1 body hit, can buy Strong at one rank higher than Warrior level, -3 starting xp.
  • Blessed by Inskuldres and Rajanigandha: Once per adventure can spend 3 blood hits to produce a poison of his choice from his fingers.


  • Paralysing Poison x5
  • Anti-Wind x10
  • Anti-Ash x10
  • Superior Heavy Armour
  • Superior Greatsword
  • Superior Dagger
  • Fragment of the Golden Egg of Ateus, worth 150 Hx or 13 magic item points (Blood/Dream).
  • A flower in his hair from the Rose Princess of the West.

Notable Deeds

  • Now lives in the castle of Lethreyses in the Western Forest, and now rarely leaves.
  • Helped discover the City of Mists, west of the Great Forest.
  • Woke the Mother of Serpents, after leading the expedition deep into Dream. She owes him a boon.
  • Discovered Aeteas, Warden of Moments, dragon born of the Mother of All Serpents and Time.
  • Has the gratitude of the Low Guard for services in the east, and is known by the Noble Houses as a useful warrior to hire.
  • Is in a relationship with the dragon Lethreyses, the Venomous Maiden, and has sired many serpentmen with her.
  • Liberated the dukedom of Arakan, triggering the war against the King Who Waits.
  • Revered as a saint in the village of Gustav's Gift, now trained in the worship of the Lady of Battles.
  • Discovered the Ninth Sleeper, the Grey Abbess.
  • Allowed the undead light priest, Bragdall Courtasair, to remain as long as he fought the sleepers in the north. Has the ire of the Ash Lords.
  • Saved the City of Silk from a hostile Spider Queen takeover.


Age: 26

Discipline and battle has been Gustav’s life, as far back as he can remember. Raised by an insular clan within the Western Forest, he was taught the clan’s divine mission; to purge from the world all which is unnatural and unjust. As he grew, however, things seemed… strange. He seemed to grow larger are tougher than his comrades, and be more susceptible to anger. More than that, his parents and the high priests made veiled references about him being especially chosen by the Lady. On the eve of his 21st birthday, they told him why; in an effort to create the warrior best suited to their cause, they captured trolls and bred them with members of the clan. Gustav’s true mother was the only one to carry to term.

The news shocked him to his core. To suddenly find that you're less than human is a terrible blow, one many never recover from. Gustav freed the trolls, burned down the clan’s compound and struck out for the White City. Now he works as an exterminator of the unnatural and helper of the dispossessed, trying to continue the Lady’s work in his own way.

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