The Third Sleeper, the Bard of Rainbows


A good looking young man in a rainbow cloak, the Third Sleeper initially comes across as a pleasant if slightly odd individual. Further acquaintance, though, soon reveals the truth: the man is a giggling maniac, and possessed of vast Dream powers, to boot. The Bard of Rainbows is associated with the fears and nightmares of childhood, and also with the creatures known as the Northern Lights (indeed, the coronas of rainbow light that frequently herald his approach to travellers in dream have a certain aurorean look to them, and those touched by his power gain an aurorean light in their eyes).

This Sleeper's goals seem to revolve around the dissolution of the waking world into Dream, but he takes a far more mystical approach to this than (for example) the Fifth Sleeper. He does seem to have built a web of alliances including various Dream powers and possibly other Sleepers such as the Watcher in Black and (to some extent) the Grey Abbess. Grand schemes aside, he has a great love of practical jokes and setting challenges for mortals who have wandered astray. In this, he superficially resembles the Rattle Prince, but the Third Sleeper's jokes and games are generally far more whimsical and dadaistic, and at the same time less brutal, than the works of the Death-that-Cheats.

Recent Events

Made his first recorded (re)appearance in the North. Fucked with Beornwulf Oakfast (Last Orders, 08/03/2008).

Came (by all appearances) perilously close to toppling the Palace at Three Rivers into Dream. Thwarted by an adventuring party and the betrayal of Roland the Subtle. Fucked with Beornwulf Oakfast (The Serpent and the Rainbow, 17/05/2008).

Became aware of a scheme by Beornwulf Oakfast to destroy him. The Death of the Third Sleeper begins to appear in the North (The Thousand Mile Heist, 14/03/2009).

Lured & manipulated the Rose Princes Of The Compass Winds into forming an Oneirotempest in Dream, intent on spreading discord, psychosis and lies. Challenged a group of heroes to stop him, by freeing teh four Princes from individual Nightmares crafted by the other Sleepers. Once beaten, challenged them to one more game - The Game, an ancient set of wooden building blocks older the Sleeper himself. Mephisto Di Fracti beat him, and attempted to vitrify his form, only to discover it was merely a puppet. Somewhere, overhead, something vast and unworldly, like a seven-mouthed rainbow, leered and laughed… (Disintegration, 16/04/2011)

Killed by Beornwulf Oakfast in his dream fortress. His mortal form found to be that of an old man. His spirit has passed to the care of the Lord of the Tower of Heroes. (Sleep of the Just, 20/08/11)

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