Lieutenant Orlando Cristofori


Body Hits 4 (3 on right arm)
Armour 2
Fatigue 11
Parries 1
Dodges 6
Damage Single with melee weapons, triples/quads with thrown
Psyche 7
Psychic Damage Singles
Remaining Luck 2


Total XP: 352
XP Left:


Thief 5
Wind Mage 5
Merchant 3
Glass Sorcerer 2


Income: 125Hx
Hexa Cash: 474 Hexa


General Skills Rank XP Total
Tough 2 12
Wealth 4 16
Vitality 3 12
Clout: Low Guard 1 4
Quick 5 30
Luck 3 (1 burned) 12
Strong-Willed 2 8
Thief Skills Rank XP Total
Blather 5 20
Light Fingers 5 20
Disengage 2 8
Night job 1 4
Ordained (Rattle Prince) [1] 1 6
Ordained (Dream) 1 6
Throwing Weapons 1 4
Thrown mastery 5 20
Urban Tracker 1 4
Urban Stealth 5 20
Sneaking (Rural) 1 4
OBS 3 12
Wind Mage Skills Rank XP Total
Wind Magic 5 50
Aracane lore: Wind 1 4
Merchant Skills Rank XP Total
Scandalmonger 1 6
Trader 2 8
Armour Repair 1 4
Wind Priest Skills Rank XP Total
Rites 5 20
Leadership 5 20
Lore: Tall tales (free with night job), music 2 2
Glass Sorcerer Skills Rank XP Total
Glass Magic 2 20
XP Total 344

[1] Divine blood, so ordination runs off thief.


High Priest of the Rattle Prince, Divine Blood (Rattle Prince), Named Treacherous (Note: on most games will be using an anti-name potion so check with me first), Cries Tears as Fire, Hero of Blaquinox (additional 5Hx income per adventure), one of four high ranking Lieutenants of the Low Guard, Uncomfortably Energetic (once per adventure may convert all parries to dodges and gain one disengage, may also be forced to do so at GM discretion), Married in the name of the Light to Sir Ulrych von Rauschpfeife, Blessing of the Rose Princess of the West (several white and one black rose in his hair), Snake bite on his neck, hatred of the Prince of Storms, hatred of the Prince of Trade Winds, hatred of the Rattle Prince, Blessing of the Light (once per adventure may call purification without needing to be able to raise the light), Blood Vengence (may loose his voice at random moments, may be negated with an anti-blood potion), Northern Defence League, Blessing of the Dream Power Dishonour- Two telaporting dodges in psychic combat (1/2 used), Curse of Dishonour- The next time he fights an honourable duel will be under the effect of shadowcats, Appears in the dreamscape to have a knife protruding from his back, when sleeping or in dream constantly haranged by the dream power Dishonour, Blessing of the Rose Princess of the East (+1 fatigue) red roses in his hair), evil hand (see items), Blessing of the Dream Power Dishonour: May appear clad in armour in dream and call one teleporting per adventure in psychic combat (whilst Dishonour maintains his godhood), Blessing of the City- once per adventure whilst in the White City may spill his blood to call on its aid, one half the godhood of the Frost Prince


  • Healing Potion x8
  • Strength Potion x4
  • Purification potion x7
  • Love potion x2
  • Anti-Glass Potion x2
  • Anti-Dream Potion x4
  • Anti-Light Potion x2
  • Anti-Blood Potion x1
  • Anti-wind potion x2
  • Anti-Chain potion x1
  • 5 random potions stolen of Sereth: 1 dream, 1 love, 1 pure, argh can't remember the others…
  • Anti-Blood
  • Superior light armour x1
  • Superior sword x1
  • Light Armour x1
  • Fragments of a glass leaf linked to the Broken Gardener
  • 8xsuperior and 9xstandard throwing knives
  • Statue of the Hushed Princess consecrated by the Light and the Rattle Prince.
  • Unfinished belt of gender change (including butter from butterman, robes from dark Ulrych, robes from justice bear)
  • Wristband of adultery (made from robes of dark Ulrych, hides marital unfaithfulness from the Light)
  • Rose blessing of the Rose Princess of the West
  • Rose in his hair granting 10 temporary fatigue and +1 rejuvenating fire from those fatigue per adventure (22 points) Finding: Blessed Rose - 7pts Breath of a God 7(4)pts Forging: Light candles sacred to the rattle prince dying the rose black 3pts Blessings to the rattle prince spoken as the breath is put into the rose. 1pts Fixing: Betraying a god to his face and stealing his power 7pts
  • 1 medium and 1 small slow burning candle, somehow connected to the Rattle Prince.
  • A Guide To The Flora & Fauna of The Western Forest by S. D'Rowley & C. Hefton-Clemser-Ramber-Ramber-Quaff.

- Adds +1 Dodge when in The Western Forest and NOT aided by a Ranger with Survival: Woodland or other relevant Survival Skills. - Also, when inside The Great Western Forest, with 1 Hour's spare time (To sit down and read it), can gain the benefits of Herbalism for the rest of the Linear.

  • Magic item- Treacherous hand of Deicide (34 point magic item)

Orlando's right hand is a magic item with a particular knack for circumventing god's hard to kill conditions (given the right circumstances). It has a circulatory system made of glass and flesh crafted from dream. It appears as a normal fleshy hand specked with flecks of blood but to the touch the flesh is insubstantial and the veins hard. It is possibly the most attuned to treachery object in the world. The hand was forged by being frozen in the Frost Prince's breath, then having the veins vitrified and the flesh destroyed, the flesh was then replaced by dream flesh using glass magic, finally the item was fixed by being used to backstab the Rattle Prince. Bound all his levels of magic in to it to overcome Dishonour's hard to kill condition. Part of the Godhood of the Frost Prince is now stored inside it waiting to activate if he gains the other portion.

  • Strong hide from a hydra.
  • Key to Duke Nerino's study
  • Fifty hexa debt from Falcon Bravo

Notable Deeds

  • Helped protect the White City from a dream of absolute darkness.
  • Was one of a group of adventurers who uncovered the King Who Wait's weakness.
  • Negotiated with desert tribesmen and convinced them to fight against dangers from dream.
  • Stole an important artefact and descrated a sacred abbey of the Light.
  • Helped Stephano De Courci reconcecrate a temple to the Rose Princess of the West and discovered an ancient city in the far west.
  • Was hired by an avatar of the Prince of Trade Winds to pretend to be hired by the Prince of Storms in order to acquire a magical artefact called the Avowal of Usurpation, which he would turn against the Prince of Storms. Betrayed them both by using the artefact on behalf of the Rattle Prince and was horribly tortured by the Prince of Storms to the point of death until he was resurrected by a snake-bite blessed by the Rattle Prince.
  • Aided in the rebinding of a vitriarch known as the Bound Knight in the north and also the binding of the Fifth Sleeper.
  • Helped free the Gloriant, an Aspect of the Light, that had been bound in a glass prism and earned the gratitude of the Exalted Church.
  • Offered to spy on the Exalted Church on behalf of the Low Guard.
  • Helped return a fallen star to the heavens
  • Aided the dream power Dishonour in a competition against his sibling Despair before stabbing Dishonour in the back (causing Dishonour to declare he had won)
  • Helped Falcon Bravo repel the Harkadi invasion from Crossroads and earned the favour of the Rose Princess of the East.
  • Aided in the downfall of the Frost Prince.
  • Helped bind a namer responsible for stealing the identities of a number of ranking members and the nobility and earned a promotion to the inner circle of the low Guard.
  • Killed the dream power Dishonour and stole his divinity.
  • Has been set to watch Stephano De Courci- will pretty much take any opportunity to set him up to make him look like he is making a political power grab.
  • Ascended to Godhood, becoming The Prince of the Silvered Spring


In Character Background Information

Orlando was the youngest of nine children (all sons) born to Annabella Cristofori, the wife of Gerard Cristofori. Like most useless youngest sons he was packed off to military school as soon as he was old enough. Orlando was a terrible student, more interested in men, wine and song, than actually learning anything of use. He was in spite of this quite popular with some of his fellow students. His mother, Annabella, adored him but there was very little love lost between him and his father. This situation was helped very little by the occassional rumours that Orlando was not Gerard's son at all. Orlando's relationship with his brothers was for the most part equally appalling, with the exception of Henry, an accountant and priest of the Prince of Trade Winds, who was the closest to him in age.

It was no surprise to anyone when Orlando got himself expelled from school and sent home. Nor was it any surprise that he had managed to spend all of the money that his father had gave him on frivolities. Although his father wished to cast him out for this, his mother's pleas were enough to spare him. Several months later, however, his mother passed away from a sudden illness and Orlando was cast out from the family. Fortunately his skill as a musician earned him a few gigs at the homes of some minor nobility and he managed to work his way out of poverty. Depending on who you talk to the Shining Order became interested in him or he took an interest in the Shining Order. Whatever he case someone took a fancy to the idea of hiring him as an embedded bard to follow their young acolyte Ulrych von Rauschpfeife and to generally promote the Order's image.

Orlando seemingly is a reformed character. Having invested in a small bakery and various other merchantile ventures, he is known as an upstanding, if only thus far moderately successful, businessman. He is happily married under the eyes of the Light to Sir Ulrych. Orlando is a competent Wind Sorcerer and in polite company claims to be a servant of an obscure wind power of music, the Prince of Sighs. In less polite company he claims to serve the Hushed Princess.

Out of Character Background Information

Annabella Cristofori was married off at a young age in an affair that had been arranged by her family. She never really loved her husband and so when a travelling salesman came by the White City she was quick to fall for his charms. She hid the truth of Orlando's parentage from her husband and quietly doted upon the boy as her favorite son but she suspected her husband knew the truth. Orlando was badly mistreated by Gerard because of this and moreover he now suspects that he poisoned his mother in order to allow himself to remarry. Orlando would like nothing more than to gain vengence for this. Orlando's true father to date has shown no obvious interest in him.

Whilst he was living on the streets of the White City he was mentored in the ways of the Rattle Prince by an elderly man by the name of Escorias (who he later killed, well that's what he would have wanted). Escorias also taught him purse cutting techniques, which got him in to trouble when he tried to steal the wallet of the wrong person. Wn he was offered the choice of joining the ranks of the Low Guard or loosing his hands he made the predictable decision. The Low Guard helped him set himself up as a spy on the Shining Order by ensuring he got assigned to one of their new acolytes.


Although Orlando in a very odd way does care about Sir Ulrych, he has many other lovers (and quite possibly illegitimate children) about the city. He has made inways with the Port of Glass embassy through Avity, his friend with benefits.

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