Sir Hector De Berlioz


Body Hits 5
Armour 6
Fatigue 8
Parries 5
Dodges 0
Damage Doubles
Psyche 6
Psychic Damage Doubles
Remaining Luck 1


Total XP: 122
XP Left: 2


Noble 1
Warrior 3
Light 2


Income: 30
Hexa Cash: 63


General Skills Rank XP Total
Empowered 1 10
Luck 1 4
Strong Willed 1 4
Tough 3 18
Warrior Skills Rank XP Total
Armoured Combat 1 4
Armour Repair 1 4
Ordained 1 6
Shield 2 12
Weapon Master (Sword) 3 18
Maine-Gauche 1 2
Priestly Rank XP Total
Exorcism 1 6
Rites (of light) 2 8
Noble Rank XP Total
Wealth 1 4
Sorcerer Rank XP Total
Light Magic 2 20
XP Total 120


  • Knight of the Shining Order.
  • Light priest
  • In Dream spectral tears fall from his eyes and the hilt of a dagger protrudes from his back.
  • He can call upon 'Despair' to give him 3 psychic dodges
  • Cursed by dream spirit 'Dishonour' The next honourable (1 on 1) combat Hector will be under the effects of shadowcats.


  • Healing Potion x4
  • Purification Potion x2
  • Standard Chainmail
  • Superior Sword
  • Standard sword
  • Superior medium shield
  • Standard Dagger
  • First Aid 25 bandages
  • Armour repair tools

Notable Deeds

  • Squired for Sir Lucas and Sir Ulrich into Dark Dream and lost both of them to darkness went into seclusion and mourning for losing both of them.
  • Adventured wearing black heavy armour. Recovered a cursed item, a blue bandanna from the Breathing Isle, many bad things happened to the previous owners, upon retrieving it a Kraken attacks.
  • Joined a quest into the east to launch an assault on a camp of the King who waits, witnesses Roarke a priest of the light kill an unarmed prisoner and gains shiny new heavy armour (cursed). Is deeply confused from the advice given to him by the priest.
  • Squires for Sir Ulrich again to head back to the Breathing Isle to seek the Prince of Whispers to learn of the King Who waits secrets of Mortality, they follow the guidance of the prince and witness the magic of the king. Hector becomes suspicious of Orlando after he behaves oddly on the breathing Isle. Hector finds he has a curse of madness upon him, but does not know how or why.
  • He is dragged into dream by the dream power 'despair' who uses him defeat it brother 'dishonour' in challenge to find which lies most in the hearts of man. He is to aid the power to drive a fellow shining order knight into utter despair and ruin. Sir Hector agrees if only to oppose 'dishonour' but hopes that his fellows can overcome both. He is saddened that neither have the fortitude of faith to withstand the onslaught. The parties both turn on 'Dishonour' but it is no good. the knights kill each other when they awake in the east. Hector learns that his armour is the source of his curse, however the two dream spirits lay 'blessings' and 'curses' of their own upon him. Hector regrets deeply that he didn't stop the process but would that mean they all failed to put their faith in the light? The church of the light hear Hector's confession but do not have any advice for him.


Born of a minor noble family in the White City, Hector was raised by a stern, but loving, father and a loving, but stern, mother. Having managed to conceive their only son much later on in life it was not long before, sadly, Hector was head of the family. The Berlioz family were staunch supporters of the church of the light and in honour of his family Hector enlisted as a knight of the shining order. Now clad in chain, armed with steel and backed with a stern, but loving upbringing, Sir Hector rose to the challenge as squire to two notable knights of the order and is now a knight errant with much to learn.

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