Captain Azak


Body Hits 2
Armour 2
Fatigue 5
Parries 2
Dodges 3
Damage Double
Psyche 6
Psychic Damage Half
Remaining Luck 0


Total XP: 116
XP Left: 5


Thief 3
Warrior 2\\


Income: 15
Hexa Cash: 48Hx


General Skills Rank XP Total
Gutter Fighter 1 4
Quick 3 18
Strong-Willed 1 4
Thief Skills Rank XP Total
Blather 2 8
Disengage 1 4
Edificeer 1 6
Light Fingers 3 12
Night Job 1 4
OBS 1 4
Throwing Weapons 1 4
Throwing Weapon Master 1 4
Unlawful Entry 2 8
Urban Survival 2 8
Urban Tracker 1 4
Warrior Skills Rank XP Total
Armour Repair 1 4
Leadership 1 4
Tactician 1 4
Weapon Master - Sword 2 12
XP Total 116



  • Healing Potion x4
  • Strength Potion x1
  • Light Armour x1
  • Sword x1

Notable Deeds


Captain Azak was a mercenary Captain based at the Port of Sands and fighting wars in the Thousand Dukedoms for nearly a decade before calamity befell him. The White City (and the Port of Glass) came East. On one of these journeys, a party of adventurers was accompanied by Daniel Kelson, an insane Glass Sorceror. A confrontation occured when Kelson was seeking worship for his twisted vitriach god, the Faceless One, and Azak's face was taken. Left to die in an alley, one of his soldiers came and helped tend to his face but it has never healed properly. Captain Azak is faceless, and without sight in one eye, but he burns with hatred for what was done to him and all worshippers of Glass. Soon after he journeyed to the White City to seek employ closer to the Port of Sands and find any means necessary to extract revenge from that nest of vipers.

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