Professor James Warver


Body Hits 5
Armour 2
Fatigue 8
Parries 6
Dodges 7
Damage Triple
Psyche 5
Psychic Damage Double
Remaining Luck 1


Total XP: 277
XP Left:

  • 6 (Forging the Starmetal Chain)


Scholar 5
Merchant 5
Warrior 3
Chain 1


Income: 120 + 5 per potion manufactured and sold
Hexa Cash: 3


General Skills Rank XP Total
(College of the Thousand Arts)
(Northern Defense League)
2 8
Day Job
(Chief Professor, Faculty of Alchemy,
College of the Thousand Arts)
1 2
Empowered 1 10
Luck 1 4
Quick 5 30
Tough 3 12
Scholar Skills Rank XP Total
Academic Appraisal 1 2
Alchemist 5
Arcane Lore 5
Learned 4
Rosemary Maids
The Sleepers
The Oldest Tongues)
Spurious Discourse 1 4
Merchant Skills Rank XP Total
Appraisal 1 2
Armour Repair 1 4
Blather 4 16
Trader 2 8
Wealth 5 17 (-3 Discount)
Craft 3
(Light Armour
Medium Shield
Single-handed Sword)
Warrior Skills Rank XP Total
Shield 2 12
Weapon Master
(Single-handed Sword)
3 18
Strong 3 18
Leadership 1 4
Bodyguard 1 2
Main Gauche 1 2
Sorcerer Skills Rank XP Total
Arcane Lore 1
Chain Magic 1 10
XP Total 271


  • Initiate of the Thousand Arts
  • Purged of Ash - will not die of old age
  • Drone of the Swarm in his left eye
  • Uncomfortably Energetic - Twice per adventure, of which one by GM fiat, all Parries become Dodges and gain a Disengage.
  • Enemy of the Empire - Agents of Duke Sangiovese are watching Warver’s movements and looking for an opportunity “Teach him about a gentleman’s agreements”. GMs may decide to brief “Civilian” NPCs that they are out to murder him if they get the opportunity.
  • Addicted to healing potions
  • Addicted to strength potions


  • Mastercrafted Single-handed Sword (made by Beornwulf)
  • (Superior Quality Single-handed Sword)
  • (Standard Quality Single-handed Sword)
  • (Substandard Quality Single-handed Sword {made of Toffee})
  • Standard Dagger
  • Superior Quality Medium Shield
  • (Standard Quality Medium Shield)
  • (Standard Quality Medium Shield)
  • Mastercrafted Light Armour (made by himself)
  • (Standard Quality Light Armour)
  • (Standard Quality Heavy Armour)
  • (Substandard Quality Heavy Armour {made from Ice})
  • The Starmetal Chain (38-point magic item. Is inextricably bound up with the concept of weakening and shattering Chain. Exact abilities TBD.)
  • Potions:
    • 14 Healing
    • 2 Anti-Ash/Blood/Chain
    • 1 Anti-Glass/Dream/Name
    • 1 Purification
    • 2 Strength
  • A favour owed by the Princess of Stories Called in.
  • An “Eastern Hairless Mongoose” called Sir Falcon the Brave now owned by the Faculty of Anomalous Zoology
  • Chain from the Walker In Hollow Places Forged into the Starmetal Chain
  • Some Starmetal (??pt Magic Item component) Forged into the Starmetal Chain
  • A weasel named Jonathan
  • Alembics, athanors and general alchemy-related laboratory equipment
  • The badge of the Northern Defence League (polished steel with black inlaid sword)
  • A few vials of Angel's Tear, which have lost their potency
  • A quarter of a vitrified star, locked in the Vaults underneath the College
  • The heart of a Rosemary Maid, now preserved as a teaching aid in the College
  • A room in the College, one wall covered in flowers grown from Adi and Michael's blood.
  • Various papers, books and notes on the research, creation and development of anti-magic potions
  • Private copy of paper co-written with Professor Maximilian Grant concerning the creation and development of a shrinking potion
  • The papers and private notes of the late Stephano Wray concerning Rosemary Maids
  • Some scanty notes on the testing of an unknown liquid now possessed by Leonardo Velasquez
  • Copy of a paper published with Michael (and the names of Professor Grant and other notables) on a potion to wake those caught in enchanted sleep
  • Large bundles of two of the three ingredients required to make said potion (the third missing ingredient being Eastern Firecap mushrooms)
  • Notes of the analysis of Angel's Tear, with input from Michael, and copies of the instructions as to its creation
  • Notes in ancient tongues relating to the aligning of the five cities
  • Death threats from a large number of Whistful City gangs
  • Copies of papers and notes relating to Anti-Black Flame potions following their discovery
  • The village of Goldhill and surrounding lands; includes casino, fighting pit, whorehouse, and the enmity of the Low Guard
  • Detailed accounts of and notes on the experimentation upon and vivisection of Stephanie the Rosemary Maid
  • Detailed notes on the nature of the Sleepers, some made from a conversation with the Grey Abbess (Sleeper no. 9)
  • Copies of a book titled “On Dream and the Nature of the Sleepers”, written by Warver himself based on information given by the Grey Abbess
  • Copies of a revised version of “On Dream and the Nature of the Sleepers”, with an additional chapter on the Queen of Stars (Sleeper no. 12)
  • A paper on Dream, with special reference to Candy Mountain
  • Maps to the Abbey of Broken Dreams
  • Notes on the creation of the axe Dreamcleaver
  • Maps to the Glacier Prison
  • Maps, notes, and other paperwork taken from the Hakardi. All completely blank, with no words on them
  • Hastily scribbled versions of patterns for chain magic chains
  • Copies of academic papers
  • “On Dream and the Nature of the Sleepers”, 3rd Edition (With further notes on the The Fifth Sleeper)
  • “Despair, the Black Flame (This Is How The World Ends)”, a book detailing various narratively-inspired metaphysical theories.
  • “The Origin Of Glass: The Namers And Contentment”, a book detailing the lost story that covers the origins of glass magic (personal copy).
  • “A Guide To The Flora & Fauna Of The Western Forest”, by S. D'Rowley & C. Hefton-Clemser-Ramber-Ramber-Quaff
    • Adds one dodge when in the Western Forest (whilst not aided by a ranger with survival skills)
    • After spending an hour to read it, this grants Herbalism within the Western Forest for the rest of the adventure.
  • A diary of important memories, just in case.
  • A reasonably complete copy of all the above academic papers and notes, secured in a locked box hidden deep in the college's basements

Notable Deeds


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