Capt. Lee North


Body Hits 7
Armour 2
Fatigue 11
Parries 3
Dodges 4
Damage Triples
Psyche 7
Psychic Damage Singles
Remaining Luck 2


Total XP: 250
XP Left: ???


Wind 4
Ranger 4
Warrior 3
Scholar 1


Income: 5
Hexa Cash: Some


General Skills Rank XP Total
Visions 1 6
Tough 5 30
Day Job 1 2
Quick 4 24
Luck 2 8
Strong Willed 2 8
Clout (High Guard) 1 4
Wind Skills Rank XP Total
Wind Magic 4 10
Ordained 1 4
Rites 4 16
Arcane Lore Wind 1 4
Ranger Skills Rank XP Total
Divination 1 10
Staff 1 10
Survival Woodland 1 4
Survival Plains 1 4
Survival Mountains 1 4
First Aid 3 12
Strength 3 18
Herbalism 1 6
Rural Tracker 1 4
Warrior Skills Rank XP Total
Weapon Master (staff) 3 18
Blindfighting 1 10
XP Total 250


Character specials, metaphysical deformities, etc.

  • Divine Blood: Rose Prince of the North
  • Ordained: Rose Prince of the North
  • Blessed +1 Fatigue by Wind Pantheon.
  • Whenever she's sleeping, she may now at GM discretion be possessed by the Rose Prince of the North, sleepwalk and do things for him.
  • Rank of Captain in the High Guard.


  • Healing Potion x1
  • Strength Potion x1
  • Light Armour x1
  • Superior Staff
  • Divination Kit

Notable Deeds

  • Took part and was part of the winning team in the wind festival/competition (games of the gods)
  • Survived an attack by Trog Ninjas! (Curse of Trog Island)
  • Helped in the grand opening of the White City's first ever All Night Guitar Shop! (Rock and Roleplay)
  • Went to the far East and helped with the rebellions against the City of Lights (Truth, Justice, reasonably priced love and a hard boiled egg)
  • Helped to root out some of Christina DeVelland's sleeper agents in the White City (All along the watchtower)
  • Helped bind the Fifth Sleeper and the Bound Knight


Lee was born the only daughter to a single mother in one of the small villages between the White City and the western forest. Although her actual father was just this guy her mother had a brief relationship with, somewhere in his past there was some essence of the Rose Prince of the North and so Lee inherited that. Her own father being somewhat inconsequential, she now calls the Rose Prince of the North her father despite the generational distance although it should be noted that she only recently discovered the exact identity of her relative.

Lee had always had a wanderlust that led her to range far from home, and so when she grew up it seemed natural to make a living wandering anywhere she cared to go and taking any job that came along. She learnt how to divine from the land and the stars and the stones during a trip into the Western Forest where she spent some time with a group of centaurs. Eventually she wandered into the White City (it was bound to happen eventually), bimbled around for a time involving one strange and unpleasant experience of sneaking into a house by hiding in a full wine barrel… before finally ending up getting conscripted by the High Guard during the war with the Port of Glass and Flame ('Join the army' the fates said… 'It'll be fine' the fates said… blood fates). She has now been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and her missions allwer her to wander around sufficiently to satisfy her as well as paying relatively well so she's happy to stay where she is… for the moment.

She is good friends with a number of the adventuring community but has a lot of respect for her High Guard Captain Theodore Luxfry, and is very good friends with Thier Cristofori with who she has gone adventuring many times.

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