A Dog


Body Hits 7
Armour 0
Fatigue 10
Parries 5
Dodges 5
Damage Doubles
Psyche 5
Psychic Damage Single
Remaining Luck 1

Blood Pool : 35


Total XP: 210
XP Left: 0


Blood Mage 4
Ranger 3
Warrior 2
Thief 1




General Skills Rank XP Total
Tough 5 30
Quick 5 30
Luck 2 8
Clout: White City Dogs, Wolves 2 8
Visions 1 4
Blood Mage Skills Rank XP Total
Blood Magic 4 40
Ordained (Lady of the Pack) 1 6
Learned: Good boy!, Children & Child Rescue 2 4
Rites 4 16
Leadership 3 12
Ranger Skills Rank XP Total
Disengage 3 12
Rural Stealth 3 12
Rural Tracking 1 4
Survival: Woodland, Plains, Burned Realm 3 18
Sneaking: Urban 1 4
Strong 3 18
All Terrain 1 6
Warrior Skills Rank XP Total
Weapon Master (Claws) 2 12
Bodyguard 1 2
Blindfighting 1 10
Thief Skills Rank XP Total
OBS 1 4
Urban Tracking 1 4
Urban Survival 1 4
XP Total 268


  • Trapped man: cursed into the form of a dog - turns back into a human under the light of a full moon.
  • Divine Blooded (Lady of the Pack)
  • Occasionally fed by the NDL
  • Flawless glass eyes, perceives all glass as perfect (after dying on the Isle of Broken Moon)
  • Sort of a member of the High Guard…badge buried in a hole somewhere.
  • Occasionally fed by the Temple of Ash.
  • Subject to a blood vengeance: paralysing damage affects in 10 seconds, corrosive poison calls do loc-zeros.
  • Spider Queen blessing: ignore the first paralysing or poison hit.


  • Fur soaked in blood of: the spirit of Duskin Vale; a manifestation of the Princess of Stories, the heart blood of a spider-king…
  • Pack of Wolves!

Notable Deeds

  • Aided in the destruction of the Broken Gardener.


Outside the taverns, adventurer hideouts and old, poorly secured wells of the White City a large dog has been glimpsed, often looking quizzically at the adventurers setting off on their quests. Those who pay attention to such things have commented on the hopeful look in its eyes.

Origin Story

Sixteen years ago a beautiful noble-born woman wandered from her entourage while journeying through the western forest. She came across a sunlit clearing and found within a woman of astounding wild beauty. They whiled away the hours in passion as the day faded.

As the night descended the woman's fiancée set off with a search party to find his betrothed. He came to the clearing and watched as his bride to be writhed with the stranger, her belly already fattening as strange magics flowed through her. In fury he burst into the open, raising his blade to the stranger. As he did so the figure above the woman shifted and a great wolf stood in its place; with a howl it charged the man, knocking him to the ground before vanishing into the woods.

He rose to his feet, his face flushed with anger and calling upon his sorcery he cursed the bastard child of his betrothed to be bound forever within the form of the one who had cuckolded him. With that he left his one time love alone in the darkness.

The woman was cast from her family for the shame she had brought upon herself and was forced into the slums of the White City. There she gave birth to a baby boy.

As she closed her eyes to sleep, her newborn in her arms, she did not know it was the last time she would she would see her son.

In the morning he was gone.

Somewhere in the city a puppy cried for its mother.

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