Sir Falcon Bravo


Body Hits 5
Armour 2
Fatigue 8
Parries 7
Dodges 5
Damage Triple
Psyche 8
Psychic Damage Double
Remaining Luck 1


Total XP: 226
XP Left: 0


Noble 4
Ash Sorceror 4
Warrior 3
Thief 1


Income: 90
Hexa Cash: 0 Debts: 150 Nathaniel, Next rank of Wealth to build Temple in Crossroads.


General Skills Rank XP Total
Tough 3 18
Strong Willed 3 12
Quick 4 24
Luck 3 12
Clout: NDL 1 4
Wealth 3 12
Empowered 1 10
Noble Skills Rank XP Total
Duellist 4 24
Blather 4 16
Leadership 5 20
Sorceror Skills Rank XP Total
Ash Magic 4 40
Arcane Lore: Ash, Glass 2 8
Ordained 1 6
Rites 4 16
Learned: Obscure Cults 1 2
Exorcist 1 6
Warrior Skills Rank XP Total
Strong 3 18
Weaponmaster: Sword 2 12
Thief Skills Rank XP Total
Appraisal 1 2
Disengage 1 4
Edificeer 1 6
XP Total 272


Named: Treacherous, Considered an entertaining fellow by all nobles, One handed, Banned from the Port, Blessing of the Lord of the House of the Gods


  • Grey Talon
  • Healing Potion x4
  • Strength Potion x2
  • Purification Potion x4
  • Superior Light Armour x1
  • Ash blessed - Superior Sword x1
  • Ash remains of a Glass fighting hero
  • Ash remains of a crystal vessel briefly controlled by a fragment of the Absent Lord
  • Falconer's Gauntlet

Grey Talon

Falcon's Ash blessed sword. Thanks to gathering some more potent components he has been able to expand its baneful effects to encompass another of the Ash Powers enemies; creations of glass.

It grants +1 damage against creatures of Glass or the Undead (10 point power)
Once per Adventure he may Call one of his Commends to Ash against a Glass/Undead creature struck with the blade (6 point power)

Glass from a Simulacrum of the crafter encoutnered on the Shattered Plain itself: (7) points
Water from the Fountain of Youth 3 points/2 (2)

Blade is taken to Shattered Plain then thrust through the wielder's heart leaving him close to death in order to assert his link to Ash: (3) points
Glass is commended to ash, Blessed, then used to anoint the blade. 1 points/2 (1)

Blade is taken to the Burned Realm and used to free the glass imprisoned Spirit of Lydia di Courci to Final Rest: (3) Points

Total: 16 points

Falconer's Gauntlet

A false righthand made from Ash created from some of Falcon's more powerful opponents. It represents the supremacy of the Burned Lords over other Powers and the bearer's dedication to the destruction of their enemies. This artifact has two effects:

  • Firstly its bearer always counts as meditating upon the spell Commend to Ash irrespective of what they're actually doing.
  • Secondly when its bearer casts the spell Ashen Cloud then the Gauntlet explodes into ash itself and the caster counts as touching anything within the cloud. However as a sacred creation of the Burned Lords it will never permit the commending of Living Beings whether maliciously or accidentally.

Shards of a defeated Vitriarch (The Bound Knight) broken underneath my heel 13 points
Waters from the Lake of Souls (7) 4 points

Hand is used to Commend the Necromantic Doom Key to Ash 7 points
Fashioned by the Swarm around a gauntlet of blessed Burned Realm Ash (3) 2 points
+ 2 points (Sig Tools from swarm artists [agreed as adventure reward])

Hand is smeared with the blood of a god just honourably defeated in a duel 7 points

Total: 35 points

Additional Notes:

  • The gauntlet possesses only four fingers
  • Due to its Fixing condition the gauntlet may be offensive to followers of the Verdant Lord.

A Guide To The Flora & Fauna of The Western Forest by S. D'Rowley & C. Hefton-Clemser-Ramber-Ramber-Quaff.

- Adds +1 Dodge when in The Western Forest and NOT aided by a Ranger with Survival: Woodland or other relevant Survival Skills. - Also, when inside The Great Western Forest, with 1 Hour's spare time (To sit down and read it), can gain the benefits of Herbalism for the rest of the Linear.

Notable Deeds

  • Recovered the spear-head that released mortality upon the world (What's in a Name)
  • Became Champion of Crossroads (Revelation of the Hakardi)
  • Rescued the star-child of Night and Hope from the Western Forest and returned it to its parents. (An Unearthly Child)
  • Escaped from the Shattered Plain, rescuing the Spirit of Lydia De Courci
  • Failed to prevent the release of the Bound One Sightless Intonation of Judgement. (The Fountain of Eternal Youth)
  • Was turned on by his own party when trying to defeat an undead Light mage. (Raising the Saint)
  • Failed to prevent the Rattleprince's scheming on the Isle of Cymru. (Swords and Cauldrons)
  • Allowed the Glass mage Avity to absorb the Lunar Host and subsequently ended up on the Burned Lord's shit list for Commending her. (The Mirror and the Moon)
  • Became a Captain in the NDL (Forlorn Hope)
  • Commended to Ash a shard of the King in Fragments right in front of Duke Karl (Low Tolerance)


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