Sasha De Courci


Body Hits 7
Armour 2
Fatigue 10
Parries 3
Dodges 5
Damage Triples
Psyche 5
Psychic Damage Singles
Remaining Luck 2


Total XP: Lots
XP Left: 6


Noble 5
Blood Mage 5
Warrior 2
Wind Mage 2


Income: 30
Hexa Cash: 275Hx cash plus a further 150Hx towards next rank of wealth.


General Skills Rank XP Total
Wealth 1 6
Luck 2 8
Tough 5 30
Clout (Family De Courci) 1 2[1]
Quick 4 24
Noble Skills Rank XP Total
Scandalmonger 1 6
Blather 5 20
Duellist 1 4
Blood Mage Skills Rank XP Total
Ordained (MoaS) 1 6
Blood Magic 5 50
Arcane lore: Blood 1 4
Priest Skills Rank XP Total
Rites 5 20
Leadership 2 8
Lore: reptiles, western dragons 2 4
Wind Mage Skills Rank XP Total
Wind Magic 2 20
Warrior Skills Rank XP Total
Main-Gauche 1 2
Great Weapon 1 14
Weapon Master: Spear 2 12
XP Total 240

[1] De Courci special, first rank of clout costs 2xp.


High Priestess of the Mother of all Serpents, Divine Blood, Blessed by the Verdent Lord (2 entangling calls per encounter), Blessed by the Prince of Storms (3 lighting breath per adventure), (Probably) Hated by the Frost Prince, Lady Regent of the White City (ie. if Rebecca dies it's me running the show… Ha ha ha!), Blood tied to the Dragon Faragmas, Owed 2 favours by Rebecca De Courci, no shadow, hilariously ominous


  • Fragment of golden eggshell from the dream dragon Ateus.
  • Superior spear
  • Superior sword
  • Superior light armour
  • standard dagger
  • 10x healing potion
  • 1x anti-blood potion
  • 1x half dragon child (Sapphira)

Notable Deeds

  • Was instrumental in aiding Kyre Wordsmith in defeating rogue Chain sorcerer Cordol Lome but after a disagreement with him over causing a diplomatic incident recommended his exile from the White City. Gained a notable distrust of the Black Flame in the process.
  • Aided in clearing a glass taint from the dreams of the King of the Eagles (Blood Ocean)
  • Hired some adventurers to investigate the Golden City (City of the Damned Part I: The Road to Damnation)
  • Hired a group of adventurers to annexe the City of Streng. Things went wrong and the adventurers ended up onm the Shattered Plane. Fortunately they escaped with the aid of the late Lydia De Courci's spirit.
  • Saved Rebecca De Courci from an assasination attempt. In particular was seen flying her away from would-be assasins in the form of a large lizard (Queen of Chaos).
  • Awoke the Mother of All Serpents, gaining the emnity of Torameas in the process (Fire Under the Hill).
  • Protected the White City from the Dark Carnival (Dark Carnival Part V)
  • Lead a diplomatic mission to one of the Breathing Isles inhabited by a large civilisation of serpentmen. (Rocks Fall)
  • Helped ensure the rebirth of the verdant lord (Green Thought in a Green Shade).
  • Fought against a dream of absolute darkness that threatened the White City (Drive Back the Dark)
  • Helped instigate rebellion in the kingdom of the King Who Waits (Truth, Justice, Reasonably Priced Love and a Hardboiled Egg)


About twenty-five years ago Valeri De Courci, a minor De Courci noble living in the city of silk, found an injured snake in his farmlands. Instead of killing the snake he brought it to his home and nursed it back to health. Upon recovery the serpent shifted form in to that of a beautiful flame-haired woman, who revealed herself to be on of Inskuldres handmaidens. Valeri fell in love with and eventually, much to his family's disapproval, married the woman. The pair had a single child by the name of Sasha. As the years passed the nature of their two very different worlds put strain on the marriage and eventually the pair became estranged. Sasha struggled to please both her father and mother, feeling an equal sense of loyalty to the De Courci and to the Great Mother. A few years ago Sasha was sent to the White City with a modest sum of money by her father in order to make her name for herself. Thus far Sasha has proved capable of doing both her parents proud. From humble beginnings she has become the Governess's most trusted advisor on many matters. In addition she has recently ascended to the High Priesthood of the Mother by removing her curse and seeing her returned to the world.


Sasha has no brothers or sisters but she is first cousin to Henry and Teresa De Courci (PCs played by Chris N and Helen respectively). She has a daughter born in secret of a blood blessing by the dragon Faragmas, who is an extremely potent serpent-child named Sapphira. Although she would be one of the most eligible women in the White City if anyone was brave enough, as far as the nobility is concerned she is currently unwed.

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