Someone Else (was Daniel Kelson)


Body Hits 30 Global
Armour 0
Fatigue -
Parries 3
Dodges 0/2
Damage Single
Psyche 10
Psychic Damage Single
Remaining Luck 1


Total XP: 300
XP Left: 6


Glass 5
Thief 4
Light 2


Income: 15
Hexa Cash: 533


General Skills Rank XP Total
Luck 5 20
Strong Willed 5 20
Tough 4 24
Visions 1 6
Clout: Broken Guard 1 4
Glass Sorceror Skills Rank XP Total
Glass Magic 5 50
Ordained: Faceless Lord 1 6
Rites: Faceless Lord 5 20
Arcane Lore: Glass 1 4
Arcane Lore: Light 1 4
Exorcism 1 6
Thief Skills Rank XP Total
Night Job 1 4
Blather 3 12
Edificeer 1 6
Light Fingers 2 8
OBS 3 12
Stealth 2 8
Unlawful Entry 2 8
Throwing Weapons 1 4
Throwing Weapon Mastery 3 12
Urban Survival 2 8
Disengage 1 4
Urban Tracker 1 4
Ambidextrous 1 10
Light Sorceror Skills Rank XP Total
Light Magic 2 20
XP Total 294


Broken Guard, Ex Low Guard. Glass Sentinel:

  • +1 Strength
  • -1 Stealth
  • No Light Fingers
  • No Unlawful Entry
  • Global Hits
  • Fatigue N/A
  • Faceless, but eyes of glass/vitrify works as normal
  • Regain hits by spending night in glass tower not regaining psyche
  • Immune to:
    • Alchemy
    • Non-corrosive poisons
    • Paralysis
    • Vitrification
    • Blood Healing, Blood Curse
    • Steal Breath, Restore Breath, Sickening
    • Storm of Shards deals singles


  • Superior Light Armour
  • Superior Sword x 2
  • Superior Dagger x 3
  • Standard Dagger x 10
  • Healing Potion x 10
  • Strength Potion x 2
  • Purification Potion x 2
  • Venom [if it hits flesh, deals 1 psyche hit] x 9
  • Poisoner's Dagger [standard quality - this finely-crafted dagger's pommel unscrews and the inside can be filled with doses of poison, allowing poisons to be used with this dagger without requiring the Poisoner-Application skill. Adding a new dose of poison involves disassembling the dagger and carefully filling it up again, which can take sixty seconds in a rush. Worth noting is that a dagger with poison left in it will slowly leak the poison over time, so the poison still only lasts for one encounter once the dagger is filled.] x 2
  • 100hx in horribly accursed coins [from “The Night Palace”]. The coins are not standard hexa, and so are distinguishable, but there is no particular reason to think they are cursed (at first at least - I leave it to each PC to decide when or if they notice the coins are cursed). Anything bought with the coins turns out to be useless or even counter-productive, no matter how attractive a proposition it appears to be at first. Superior or even masterwork items will turn out to be subject to a hidden flaw which makes them substandard. Potions will not do what it says on the bottle. Anyone hired with the money will betray his employer. Gifts of the money will not be appreciated or even taken as an insult, and so on. This applies even if only part of the purchase is made with the money. If someone wants to buy Wealth with the money, it could be a good jumping off point for an adventure where you try to cope with the consequences of your accursed purchases and keep the wealth level. The coins always curse those who spend them, so passing them on passes on the curse, in effect.

Notable Deeds


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