Thier Christofori


Body Hits 7
Armour 2/6
Fatigue 11
Parries 11
Dodges 6
Damage Quad
Psyche 7
Psychic Damage Triple
Remaining Luck 1


Total XP:296
XP Left: 0


Wind 5
Noble 5
Warrior 5


Income: 60
Hexa Cash: 320


General Skills Rank XP Total
Wealth 2 8
Tough 5 30
Empowered 2 20
Strong Willed 2 8
Luck 4 16
Quick 5 30
Wind Skills Rank XP Total
Wind Magic 4 40
Rites 5 20
Arcane Lore Wind 1 4
Ordained 1 6
Ordained 1 6
Noble Skills Rank XP Total
Duelist 5 30
Main Gauche 1 2
Scandelmonger 1 6
Warrior Skills Rank XP Total
Bodyguard 1 2
Leadership 2 8
Strong 5 30
Weapon Master Sword 5 30
XP Total 296


  • Ordained to and Champion of the Princess of Monsoons
  • Blessed of the Princess of Monsoons: able to sense when the Rattle Prince is near, glowing raindrop tattoo on forehead.
  • Blessed of the Wind Pantheon: Extra point of fatigue.
  • Blessed of the gods: Gains two psychic parries once per adventure when entering psychic conflict knowingly.
  • Blessed by the Dragon Matahadreas: Able to see through ashen clouds.
  • Blessed by the Dragon Iskuldraes: Able to shape a tempest into a mighty monsoon once per adventure (effects at GM discretion)
  • Champion of the White City
  • Hated by the Rattle Prince
  • Former priest of the Rose Prince of the South, though honour is now satisfied between the two.
  • Sworn to end Serath's life (on the name of the Rose Prince of the South).


  • Full Steelsilk
  • Superior light armour x2
  • Superior Sword, empowered by both Christina de Velland and the Dragon Faragamus the Firstborn. It cannot be consumed by the coils of flame (and possibly the black flame in general, as of yet undefined), and grants immunity to shadowcats (parries).
  • Superior Main-Gauche
  • Spare superior Main-Gauche
  • 18 healing potions
  • 3 Purification potions
  • 2 Strength Potions
  • 3 Anti-Dream Potions
  • The Evilest Dagger in the World

Notable Deeds

  • Declared Champion of the White City after protecting it from so many grave perils
  • Part of the party that dealt with the Dark Carnival and the Wraith.
  • Part of the party that slew the King Who Waits and the god-eating abomination subsequently unleashed. Annointed champion of the Princess of Monsoons for taking up arms to defend her.
  • Travelled through a dream of the Shattered Plane. It was not a nice place.
  • Friend unto Divers Dragones.
  • Played a major part in stirring up the pro-White City rebellion against the King Who Waits, and contributed to the war effort.
  • Part of the winning team of the Wind Pantheon's grand contest.
  • Helped re-bind He Who Lives in Memories Past.
  • Among the first three humans for hundreds of years to meet Faragamus the Firstborn.
  • Slayer of the leader of the grand invasion army of the southern isles.
  • Sometime associate of the Northern Defence League. Currently on Good Terms.
  • Part of the group that slew the King in Bloody Fragments.


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