Sylke de Verlay - Complicated


Body Hits 2
Armour 6
Fatigue 5
Parries 0
Dodges 6
Damage Half
Psyche 10
Psychic Damage Single
Remaining Luck 2


Total XP: 230
XP Left: 0


Glass Sorcerer 5
Noble 4
Thief 2


Income: 60
Hexa Cash: 358


General Skills Rank XP Total
Strong Willed 5 20
Quick 5 30
Clout 2 8
Visions 1 4
Luck 3 12
Glass Sorcerer Skills Rank XP Total
Glass Magic 5 50
Ordained 1 6
Arcane Lore 1 4
Exorcism 1 6
Rites 3 12
Noble Skills Rank XP Total
Wealth 2 8
Scandalmonger 1 6
Leadership 1 4
Poisoner 1 6
Blather 4 16
Thief Skills Rank XP Total
Rumourmonger 1 6
Urban Survival 2 8
Urban Tracker 1 4
Urban Stealth 2 8
Disengage 1 4
Sneaking 1 4
Light Fingers 1 4
XP Total 230

Ordination: Absent Lord (Rites 3)
Clout: de Verlay Family, King in Fragments Unificationists
Poisoner: Application
Arcane Lore: Glass
Wealth: Boat with steelsilk sails (1 rank)
Sneaking: Rural


  • Shattered Blood (Absent Lord)
  • Port of Glass Ambassador
  • Purged of Ash, thus shall not die of old age
  • Highly suspected and watched by the Low Guard whilst outside the embassy and within the watchtowers
  • Now actually the Duchess of the Waxing Court, one of the core personalities of the King in Fragments


Note: All items are now in the hands of Thomas Aster and his Port of Glass administration.

  • Healing Potion x20
  • Purification Potion x3
  • Full Steelsilk x1
  • White moon-brooch (keepsake, worth 50 Hx)
  • Glass eye fragment (7 point Glass component)
  • Shard of the shattered Whim of a Fickle God (7 point Glass component)
  • Glass orange
  • Glass/Ash apple
  • Pet splinter-bear
  • An amulet, one of 6 which keep the “bad” parts of the King in Fragments absent


  • “I was attacked by a Golden City ambassador, who used some weird Black Flame power.”
  • “People who do Ashy things in Glass rituals make the Burned Lords angry.”

Notable Deeds

  • Helped to resolve the Velasquez power struggle and led a coup of the Port of Glass, killing Duke Karl and (apparently) rising to power as the Duchess of the Port
  • Led a ritual which changed the nature of the King in Fragments, leaving him with a core of “good” personalities
  • Helped to save the Canvas of Creation from plots to meddle with it and stopped the world from tilting further, thus saving all of creation
  • Stopped a ritual carried out by Karl D'Artois to replace the Ash removed from mortals with Glass from the King in Fragments
  • Helped to save Rebecca de Courci from a plot to replace Rosalind de Vermilli with copies and infiltrate the palace
  • Travelled to the (real) moon and helped to clear it of the corruption and restore balance to the heavens
  • Got caught up in a series of events leading to the murder of Julio Cristofori and escaped, narrowly avoiding a Major Diplomatic Incident
  • Helped to cut off Steelsilk trade to the Golden City and arrange trade deals for the de Verlay family


Sylke was the half-sister of Thomas de Verlay. Shortly before marrying Thomas' father, their mother became pregnant with there being no apparent father, and gave birth to Sylke, whom she and her new husband then raised. Recognising her as being somewhat touched by the Vitriarchs, in particular the Absent Lord, the family generally favoured her and listened to what she had to say even if it did make a limited amount of sense. Once she was of an age to go out and see the world she wanted to visit the White City that she'd heard so much about, and so was assigned there as an ambassador.

The touch of the Absent Lord was ever with her and as such her mind was not always entirely there. As a result she was often naive and childish, prone to acting rashly or without proper consideration, only maturing with her experiences at half the rate that she ought to. Her Glass magic was often variable and difficult to control, and it took her considerable effort to not use it whenever focusing hard on something. She also occasionally got tired of ambassadorial work and wandered off to find other things to do. For these reasons and because she was largely incapable of defending herself, the family tried to ensure that she had a bodyguard accompanying her whenever she left the embassy, usually favouring Thomas Aster, one of the more promising guards in their employ, with whom she had become somewhat attached to travelling.

During an attempted coup, Sylke was lost to the Shattered Plain and became the Duchess, one of the core personalities of the King in Fragments. The coup was successful, however, and Thomas Aster replaced her with a body double, leaving a fake Sylke as the Duchess of the Port of Glass with Thomas as his advisor. Nobody is aware of this, as following a ritual both Thomas and the fake Sylke believe that she is the real one, though she differs from the real Sylke in various ways such as being able to age past her prime, being incapable of using Glass magic and not really having much of an intact mind. The real Sylke married Thomas and waits within the Waxing Court for the day that he joins her on the Shattered Plain.

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