The Adventurer Formerly Known as Tibbs - Retired


Body Hits 4
Armour 2
Fatigue 6
Parries 4
Dodges 2
Damage Double
Psyche 10
Psychic Damage Single
Remaining Luck 1


Total XP: 184
XP Left: 1


Glass Sorceror 5
Thief 4
Warrior 2
Ranger 1
Merchant 1


Income: 15
Hexa Cash: 685


General Skills Rank XP Total
Tough 2 12
Quick 1 6
Strong Willed 5 20
Luck 2 8
Sorceror Skills Rank XP Total
Glass Magic 5 50
Ordained:KiF 1 6
Rites 2 8
Thief Skills Rank XP Total
Light Fingers 3 12
Disengage 1 4
Survival: Urban 1 4
Blather 3 12
Night Job: Sword 'collector' and pickpocket
Learned: Swords
1 4
Warrior Skills Rank XP Total
Weaponmaster: Sword 2 12
Shield 2 12
Strong 1 6
Main Gauche 1 2
Ranger Skills Rank XP Total
Survival: Forest 1 4
Rural Tracking 1 4
Armour Repair 1 4
XP Total 184


Dribbly/Broken eyes, Shattered Blood, Animate Glass hand, No Name, Is Quickly Forgotten, Guild of Free Traders


  • Healing Potion x5
  • Strength Potion x2
  • Superior Light Armour x1
  • Superior Light Armour made of 'flesh'
  • Superior Medium Shield x1
  • Superior Sword x5
  • Superior Sword made of Bone
  • Superior Sword made of Silk
  • Sword of Glass (Take from the Perfidious Tower)
  • Superior Sword made from a gem infused molten shard of the King in Fragments mixed with Tears of Fire
  • The UnNamed Blade

The King of Blades


  • Molten shard of the King in Fragments mixed with Tears of Fire (13pts)
  • Mixed flames of a Eastern and Western Dragon (7)(4pts)


  • Blade used to place the last wound on a God before he is cast on the Shattered Plane (7pts)
  • Used to shatter a vitrified star into fragments (3)(2pts)
  • Significant Tools (Namer + Mastercraftsman) (2pts)
  • Binding Up Within the Item A Great Part Of Your Power: (15pts)


  • Blade taken by another and used to kill its creator (7pts)


50 points


  • I am a famous bard in Crossroads
  • I am a secret agent from the Cloistered Brethren
  • I am a special emissary in the services of the Governess

Notable Deeds

  • Saved several nobleborn children from the machinations of the Queen of Stars (Catch a Falling Star)
  • Helped to kill the Necromancer Selena and recieved a slightly dubious pardon (Dark Harvest, Operation Certain Death)
  • Stole the sword Vengeance after Sirius Panastra was slain by the White City's champion and promptly lost it again. (Battle for the White City)


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