Gregor Malk


Body Hits 2
Armour 2
Fatigue 5
Parries 1
Dodges 1
Damage Single
Bow Damage Through Double +1*3
Psyche 16
Psychic Damage Triple
Remaining Luck 0


Total XP: 202
XP Left: 0


Ranger 4
Glass Sorcerer 4
Scholar 2
Dream Sorcerer 2


Income: 30
Hexa Cash: 443


General Skills Rank XP Total
Luck 3 12
Strong Will 11 44
Wealth 1 4
Empowered 2 20
Ranger Rank XP Total
Archer 1 8
Staff 1 10
Disengage 2 8
Rural Tracker 1 4
Weapon Master: Bow 3 18
Glass Sorcerer Rank XP Total
Glass Magic 4 40
Ordained: Faceless Lord 1 6
Scholar Rank XP Total
Alchemy (Sleep) 1 6
Alchemy (Calcification) 1 6
Poisoner 2 2 12
XP Total 154


  • Body made entirely of calcified living chalk. He is nolonger healable with blood magic. Instead he may be restored by meditation in a glass tower (1 psyche for 2 body hits), and rather than acting as a horrifying slow poison calcification potions act as healing potions for him.
  • Actually just a vitrified heart surrounded by a body made of black flame and light, whenever his concentration lapses (hitting 0 psyche) the body vanishes until he has a chance to collect himself (reaches full psyche)
  • Unwillingly Ordained to the Faceless Lord. Eaten by the black flame as a result of renaming and horror
  • Fragment of mind trapped in dream, somewhat patched up by the dream power Aspiration
  • Incapable of not vocalising inner monologue, also known as mad
  • Ability to speak of working for Duke Nerino Velasquez bound up in a chain of the duke's creation, these chains have been bound up in glass within his dreams to prevent these few words appearing alone and unbidden within his head, instead they beat against the outside of a sphere of chain riddled glass whenever he sleeps. Loses his chain of thought whenever he tries to think/talk about the events of the city of knives. Fixed via renaming
  • Magically infatuated with Orlando Christofori after drinking the essence of dishonourable intent whilst in a dream, stronger effect whilst recently awakened or in dream itself.
  • Blessing of Despair, when in dream his eyes appear to continually shed tears. May 3 times invoke deep despair in another granting him a dodge in psychic combat.
  • Curse of Dishonour, when in dream appears to have a black ethereal dagger protruding from his back, the next time he attempts to engage in some form of pre-arranged honourable combat will find himself under the effects of shadowcats.
  • Embedded Fragment of the King in Fragments, possessed by the King in Fragments when he reaches 1 psyche to act in a manner decided by the GM, hasn't yet experienced this. Whilst in some way still connected to the king in fragments his renaming and rebirth have removed any control the king could exert.
  • Named “Unbound”, can escape up to level 4 chains in 30 seconds of roleplaying concentration.


  • Bow x1
  • Arrows
  • Vitrifying Arrows x a few
  • Poison x a lot
  • Superior Staff x1
  • Superior Light Armour x1
  • Shard of Vitrified Wolf Dream embedded deep in his flesh (7 points), probably gone

Notable Deeds

  • Helped break up drug ring in the Whistful City, moderately wanted there, though that's probably forgotten about
  • Viewed the Faceless Lord whilst under the effects of clarity
  • Drove a shard of vitrified dream empowered by the king in fragments found at the top of a great glass tower in the western forest into his calcified shoulder, thereby removing its corruption influence from the forest
  • Wanted posters exist for him in the white city as a Mad Glass Sorcerer, something about the attempted assassination of a member of the cloistered brotherhood of chains and being broken out of the high guard compound whilst clearly gibberingly insane and bearing someone else's face.
  • Served on the side of Dishonour in his competition over humanity's nature against Despair, joined in the attempts to deal with him the moment Dishonour was betrayed.
  • Travelled off the edge of the world and helped to deal with the forces unbalancing the Canvass of Creation.


A ranger from the plains surrounding the city. Seems to keep largely to himself outside of adventuring though offers his services as an escort or tracker. Seems to be constantly talking to himself and has in the past been paid merely to go away due to this habit.
Often returns from adventures seperately from the rest of the party for some reason.

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