Sir Kite Bravo


Body Hits 4(3)
Armour 2
Fatigue 7
Parries 4
Dodges 6
Damage Double
Psyche 10
Psychic Damage Double
Remaining Luck 1


Total XP: 236
XP Left: 0


Noble 3
Light 5
Warrior 2


Income: 60
Hexa Cash: 240


General Skills Rank XP Total
Quick 5 30
Strong Willed 5 20
Empowered 1 10
Luck 1 4
Tough 2 12
Noble Skills Rank XP Total
Duellist 1 6
Wealth 2 8
Scandalmonger 1 6
Poisoner 2 12
Light Skills Rank XP Total
Light Magic 5 50
Ordained: Light 1 6
Leadership 1 4
Arcane Lore: Light 1 4
Learned: Obscure Noble Insults 1 2
Rites 5 20
Exorcist 1 6
Warrior Skills Rank XP Total
Weapon Master: Sword 2 12
Ambidextrous 1 10
Shield 2 12
Bodyguard 1 2
XP Total 236


Eyes burned out by excessive heroism (and Light Magic).

Is extremely curious.

Can cast Shadowcats once per adventure.

(Note: Can buy Visions)

Eyes replaced by pits of flickering White Flame light.

(Note: Lost little finger on right hand)

Can once when following his ambition to be a great hero double psyche for one encounter.

Has a permanent halo as a blessing from the light, giving off enough light to see by and making stealth impossible. Once per adventure can use this blessing to instantly raise the light to 20.

Addicted to healing potions.


  • Healing Potion x1
  • Strength Potion x2
  • Purification Potion x5
  • Anti-Black Flame Potion x1
  • Superior Light Armour x2
  • Superior Sword x2
  • Dagger x1
  • 20ft Steelsilk Rope
  • 10ft Steelsilk Rope
  • Standard Small Shield x1
  • Superior Medium Shield x2
  • Damaged unusable Flame-Forged Steel Armour
  • Lightbringer-Holy Sword of Light, mastercrafted one handed sword, does +1 damage against enemies of the light.
  • Fragments of Anvil
  • Gems taken from Anvil's body

Notable Deeds

Excerpts from Bravo News Weekly: Tales of bravery and heroism

Arc 1: A Kite learning to Fly

Kite Bravo Dies Shirtless

The first chapter. A young noble from the house of Bravo will set out to find adventure and to prove himself. However the path to become a true hero is long and perilous, and before he returns home, Kite's resolve and skills will be truly tested. Flung into a mysterious, dark future, Kite and companions fight on an endless battlefield. When all he believes in is destroyed before his eyes, will he at least die a hero? Watch Kite try to cling onto what he believes as the world ends around him.

On the Edge of the Precipice: Kite Bravo Dies Again

Kite tries to be an understanding person, and tries to control himself. However attempt to harm children and he only has one thing to say: “I will not allow you to exist!”. Join our protagonist as he for the first time discoveres his own rage. Today Kite will pull out all the stops, uncaring of his own injuries as he rushes to save those at risk. Even being impaled before being dragged off a cliff will not stop him, as driven by righteous fury, Kite stands, burning his own eyes out as he uses his power to smite those who oppose him. In this time of emotional turmoil, Kite is aided by a mysterious woman. Just who is she and what lies in store for them? Find out in this week's chapter.

Kite Bravo: Glorious Fool with a Thousand Arms (and they Shoot Lasers)

In a museum of madness and terror, only one man can say his name loudly enough to make a difference. Join Kite as he encounters the strange and the bizzare, is chased through his dreams by puddings and defeats the destroyer of worlds. Will Kite be able to save the missing nobles, or will he be stuck in a strange loop of being forcibly Ordained and then purifying himself? Find out in the latest issue.

Kite Bravo and the Shattered Isle or:

Kite Bravo Dies one too many Times

In every person's life there comes a time when they must confront their own weaknesses. For our hero this is occasionally dying. Follow Kite as he investigates the corrupted taintiness of the shattered isle. In this thrilling installment Kite will go on a boat(!), fight a god(!) and will venture into the burned realm to decide his very fate.

Kite Bravo explores an ancient library in:

An Adventure long Overdue

After the stunning conclusion to the previous issue Kite sets off on a metaphorical journey to prove himself a true hero. However he must also go on an actual journey. This week Kite travels far in search of knowledge, the greatest treasure. Will Kite find the book he is looking for, and more importantly will he be able to slip an issue of Bravo News Weekly into the musty bookshelves of the library?

Battle atop the Temple of Man

A mysterious temple, a mission of great importance, a terrible and deadly foe. Watch as our protagonist's ideals, faith and very existence are threatened. In a place cut off from the Gods and the purity of the Light, a temple where his own power fails him, Kite Bravo must stand alone. Terrible threats and betrayals lurk around every corner in this, the final chapter in the first part of Kite's epic tale. Will our hero withstand hardship and find true strength within or will he fall to the evil power of the White Flame? Destinies are changed, heroes are scarred, and the world may never be the same again.

End of Arc 1

Arc 2: Soaring Alone

The Sunset of Kite Bravo

After the events of Roark's trial, Kite and companions are to be sent on a mission to destroy him. Our protatoginst needs not to be ordered however, he would venture to the ends of the world to do what he believes is right. Kite will lead a second assault on the tower, with the full fury of the Shining Order following him. In this thrilling installment, our hero will struggle to protect those he loves and will learn, tragically, that even gods can die. How will the man who cannot bear being unable to save someone cope when one of his friends acts in a way contradictory to his ideals? How far should you go to follow those you worship? Kite will mourn alone as the sun darkens.

The Dawn of Kite Bravo

(Watch this space)


No page could ever contain the full background of the paragon of heroism that is Kite Bravo.

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