Prince Ashura Nakamura


Body Hits 5
Armour 2
Fatigue 8
Parries 5
Dodges 3
Damage Doubles
Psyche 6
Psychic Damage Doubles
Remaining Luck 2


Total XP: 144
XP Left:8


Noble 4
Warrior 3
Black Flame Sorcerer 1


Income: 60
Hexa Cash:


General Skills Rank XP Total
Clout (Eastern Nobility) 1 4
Luck 3 (1 burned) 12
Quick 3 18
Tough 3 18
Wealth 2 8
Empowered 1 10
Strong-Willed 1 4
Warrior Skills Rank XP Total
Ambidex 1 10
Ordained (Black Flame) 1 6
Weapon-Master (Sword) 2 12
Noble Skills Rank XP Total
Blather 4 16
Scandalmonger 1 6
Priest Skills Rank XP Total
Leadership 1 4
Lore: Eastern Kingdoms 1 2
Rites 2 8
Exorcist 1 6
Arcane Lore (Black Flame) 1 4
Black Flame Sorcerer Skills Rank XP Total
Black Flame 1 10
XP Total 144


Priest of the Black Flame, Heart of white fire and black flame (aspected to the Lord of the Forge), unable to feel the emotion of love Restored emotion of love by the dream power of thatname, choir in his head: immunity to memerising calls, Eastern Amassador, Blood Vengence: Owes a service to the Crimson Queen's chief Eunuch, Addicted to Healing Potions, Blessing from a Priest of the Lord of White Roses (may also have the interest of that god, at GM discretion), May once when following his ambition double his psyche hits


  • Superior single-handed sword x2
  • Traveller's Guide to the White City and its Customs
  • 2 x standard swords
  • Light Armour: Aegis of the Will (taken from the remains of Roark Velasquez. The wearer is rendered invisible to all forms of supernatural scrying, searching or divination. Neither supernatural being, nor sorcerer may perceive the wearer unless in their direct presence.
  • Anvil's remains (count as 7pt magic item components)

Notable Deeds

  • Aided Roman Morphene and Galena in saving the Princess of Stories and killing the Rattle Prince. Presented the trickster god's heart to the Crimson Queen.
  • Helped the group of adventurers free the sun from the grasp of Roark Velasquez and save his kingdom.
  • Helped destroy the Temple of Man.
  • Accompanied a mission to discover the source of armour in the tower of Roark Velasquez. Was almost consumed by black flame but was remade using Roark's name magic, minus his feeling of love.
  • Helped discover an ancient library in the Eastern Desert, along with Kite Bravo. Returned the spirit of a dead Velasquez scion (who had also been seeking the library) to his mother, along with a totally not evil book. Made friends with some of the Velasquez, which may not be such a good thing.
  • Helped save the Starchild from the Knave of stars and gave it its new name “Secrecy”. Also rescued a group of children captured by shadow creatures.
  • Helped the Fairweather company deal with a rogue black flame sorcerer on the Long Road.
  • Travelled through the tunnel from which the sun rises to the underside of the world and encountered the Canvas of Creation. Met a very nice man called Roark Velasquez who taught him all about the Black Flame (as an NPC).


Prince Ashura hails from the Kingdom of a Thousand Summers (or so the name roughly translates) in the far east. He is the only child of King Yasha Nakamura and his wife Queen Tomoya, making him the Crown Prince of the Kingdom. The Kingdom is large by the standards of the hundred dukedoms but significantly smaller than the three main Kingdoms. It has been ruled by the Nakamura clan for many centuries, giving the Prince a rather lengthy lineage. In order to avoid being subsumed by one of the larger Kingdoms, the Prince's father forged an alliance with the Kingdom of the Crimson Queen. In exchange of maintaining his country's autonomy, the King of the Kingdom of a Thousand Summers must lend military aid to the Crimson Queen when it is called upon. For the most part this aid has not been recquired and so the Kingdom has been able to remain relatively peaceful the past few decades. Culturally the Kingdom shares a lot in common with the Kingdom of the Crimson Queen, although it is far less fiercely matriarchal. The Prince's mother, Queen Tomoya, is one of the Crimson Queen's many progeny. Although this technically also makes him a potential heir to the Crimson throne, it is very unlikely that a male heir would inherit that throne. Queen Tomoya is known to be a forceful and ambitious woman, although she seems to have a soft spot for her son. Rumours suggest that her marriage to King Yasha was more about mutual political benefits than any kind of affection.

Prince Ashura Nakumura first encountered westerners on the underside of the world, including a man by the name of Roark Velasquez, who taught him about the Black Flame. Having lost his advisor and sorcerer during the mission he was forced to accompany the remaining westerners on a journey back to the upper side of the earth through the Shattered Plane, a journey which seemed to take its toll on him. When he reported back to his parents he was instructed by his mother to travel to the White City and set up an embassy there. His goal in the west were to become stronger and learn more of this Black Flame so he might become a good King; to find a way to prevent the tipping of the earth, and given the recent events in the City of Lights to keep an eye out for signs of western expansionism. The embassy of the Kingdom of a Thousand Summers consists of a meeting room and two offices in the Prince's townhouse. It had four members of staff, all brought over from the east: a cook, a cleaner, two administrators and the Prince's bodyguard: Misa Kenochi. After the incident involving Roark Velasquez the Prince returned to the West with a somewhat larger retinue and his embassy was officially recognised by the White City. The Prince is also rumoured to be looking to hire a bodyguard after being betrayed by his previous bodyguard.

Having lived a rather privaleged life till now the Prince is rather dangerously naive, with the potential to be led astray easilly. Life in the west has also made him subject to a certain amount of culture shock. After having a near death experience in the temple of man Prince Nakamura seems to have returned a changed man, perhaps less naive and less compassionate. There are mutterings that he has had a string of short-lived affairs with different young noble men, although these are of course completely baseless accusations.

After the death of the Rattle Prince it is said that Prince Ashura regained some of the idealism of his youth but legend also state that his time in the west had changed him irrevocably, for better or worse is not known. He left the White City behind after having played a pivotal role in slaying the Rattle Prince, determining that he had learned all the westerners had to teach him, and returned to his role as crown Prince of the Kingdom of a Thousand Summers having impressed the Crimson Queen with a potent gift: the heart of a god. Those stories of him after he left the White City that reached the ears of the westerners are a mixed bag: telling of him being a strict but just ruler, hungry for power but always in the interests of his people. Many also say that he was always little sad, regretful of something he had lost.

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