Body Hits 5
Armour 2
Fatigue 7
Parries 0
Dodges 4 Urban + 1
Damage Double
Psyche 5
Psychic Damage Single
Remaining Luck 1


Total XP:
XP Left: 1


Thief 4
Warrior 3
Wind 2


Income: 30
Hexa Cash: 199


General Skills Rank XP Total
Tough 3 18
Ordained (Wind) 1 6
Wealth 1 4
Clout 1 4
Thief Skills Rank XP Total
Cosh 4 16
Urban Stealth 3 12
Urban Survival 4 16
Unlawful Entry 2 8
Disengage 2 8
Sneaking 1 4
Edificeer 1 6
Night Job 1 6
Learned - Trade Routes - -
Blather 3 12
Warrior Skills Rank XP Total
Great Weapon 1
Sorcerer Skills Rank XP Total
Wind 2 20
XP Total


King Eric's Man. Has clout with the De Courci family. Wealth 1 - Runs a minor shipping operation.


  • Oar
  • Light Armour x1
  • Superior Light Armour x1
  • Health Potion x10
  • Potion of Purification x1
  • Ice Sword (Formerly property of Akmenos)
  • The Broken Gardener's Scythe (Unique, Superior Axe)

Notable Deeds

Rowatt the Riverman once slew the Broken Gardener, by hitting him over the head with his oar just as he was about the flee through an ashen gate. This also had the virtue of 'dramatic timing'. Everyone was very impressed, and he had his bounty written off. For now.


Rowatt the Riverman, as he is known, does not keep secrets about his background so much as it keeps secrets from him. He grew up in an orphanage (which later burned down) and knows nothing of his parents, which suits him just fine. His troubled childhood was sufficient to land him in a gang of cut-purses, cut-throats and cut-just-about-anything-and-anyones working for the elusive King Eric. To say that the young Rowatt thrived in this environment is to understate beyond treasonable means.

Years on, he is an able thief, well inclined to break into all manner of private establishments and correct their inventory.

He also specialises in footpadding, high-padding, fencing, autem bawling, fawney-rigging, blue-pigeoning, sneak-budging, rum-dubbing, fam-laying, sky-parlouring, ken-cracking, boxmanning and murder.

But the activity which gives him his livelihood and soubriquet is his knowledge of the canals and rivers around the White City, which he frequently uses for all manner of dodgy activities, primarily (but not limited to) smuggling. He's so familiar with his oar that he seldom uses other weapons.

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