Favian De Courci


Body Hits 2
Armour 2
Fatigue 3
Parries 3 + 1
Dodges 5 + 1
Damage Single
Psyche 4
Psychic Damage Single
Remaining Luck 2


Total XP: 170
XP Left: 0


Ash 4
Noble 2
Warrior 1


Income: 30
Hexa Cash: 146


General Skills Rank XP Total
Quick 5 30
Luck 3 12
Subdual 1 4
Clout: Ogres, De Courci1), Temple of Ash 3 10
Ash Skills Rank XP Total
Ordained: Lord of White Roses 1 6
Magic: Ash 4 40
Rites of Ash 4 16
Arcane Lore: Ash, Glass 2 8
Learned: Seals 1 2
Leadership 3 12
Noble Skills Rank XP Total
Duellist 2 12
Wealth 1 4
Main-Gauche 1 2
Warrior Skills Rank XP Total
Weapons Master: Sword 1 6
Tactician 1 4
Bodyguard 1 2
XP Total 170


  • De Courci blood.
  • Champion of the White Rose.
  • Left leg regrown by Lord of White Roses.
  • Owed a favour by the College.
  • Watched by the High Guard and the Broken Guard.
  • Is currently a shard of the King in Fragments. Glass sorcerers may want to steal him for use in crafting or rituals. If he hits 0 psyche, he may be possessed by the King in Fragments at the GM's discretion.
  • His body is formed of delicate white ashen compassion following the destruction of his old body.
  • Is recognised as a hero by the Bodach, giving the minor benefits of Clout while in the Garden Lands.
  • White City ambassador to the Port of Glass.


  • Healing Potion x10
  • Purification Potion x5
  • Anti-Glass Potion x5
  • Standard Light Armour x1
  • Superior Light Armour x1
  • Standard Ashen Guardian Armour x1
  • White Rose from the Lord of White Roses x1
  • Superior Moon Sword x1
  • A handful of ashes from his old body
  • Superior Dagger x1

Notable Deeds

  • Became the Champion of the White Rose. Assisted the ogre Slender Nige who made him an honourary ogre. (Genesis of the Hakardi)
  • Went to the moon and helped clear the corruption of glass. (Lunacy)
  • Destroyed a powerful Name/Chain staff artefact. Spent a lot of time unconscious. (Power of the Hakardi)
  • Attempted to commend the heart of the King in Fragments to ash. Made some people unhappy. (Heart of the Party)
  • Dived into the middle of a massive glass ritual being performed by Karl D'Artois and partially succeeded in destroying a piece of the King in Fragments but turned himself into a fragment in doing so. (Hell to Pay)
  • Aided in the destruction of the Broken Gardener. (Never For Ever)
  • Was part of the party which succeeded in finally killing Sacchos. (The Hand of Fate)
  • Destroyed the glass building in which the peace treaty between the White City and Port of Glass was being negotiated. Was given remedial classes in diplomacy and sent to the Port of Glass as an ambassador. (A Portientious Meeting)


Favian was born in the eighth year of Rebecca De Courci’s reign, the second child of Salvatore De Courci and his wife, Elda. His older sister was a compassionate, eccentric girl called Amanda. Four years later, their parents had a third child, a blonde-haired boy who they named Luca. The couple had little time for either Luca or Amanda, though; Favian was the first son, and Salvatore’s heir. He received the best tutelage in history, art, literature, science, etiquette and duelling. All of which he ignored.

As a child, he resented his parents’ attentions and preferred to spend his days playing around the City and generally making a nuisance of himself, including one notable incident when he sprained his ankle attempting to climb to the roof of the College of a Thousand Arts which had his father particularly angry. Luca, however, idolised Favian and there was a certain amount of friendly rivalry between the two brothers as they grew up.

Gradually, Favian matured and settled into his role as a noble of the White City. Sometimes he longed for the adventures he’d had as a child but he put those aside to become the son he was expected to be, repeating his father’s mantra every night: “death before dishonour”. When Favian was seventeen, Amanda entered into a political marriage with Joseph Lewett, a wealthy merchant and land owner. Favian engrossed himself in his work, becoming cold and distant around other people.

Meanwhile, Luca had discovered the allure of the masked balls and banquets which were popular with the young and carefree nobility. It was at one of these events that Luca met and fell in love with Isabella Fourini the daughter of a mercantile family plying the lucrative trade routes with the City of Silk. For both families, it was a good match and so, a date was set for the wedding. However, Isabella had another admirer; Benedict D’Artois, an emissary from the Port of Glass.

A week before the wedding was due to take place, Luca received a challenge from Benedict; a duel to the death for the right to marry Isabella. Luca wanted to refuse – he had never been good with a sword and didn’t feel he needed to win the person he loved. However, Salvatore and Favian told him that there was more to the duel than the marriage, that the honour of the De Courci family was at stake and that Luca would have to fight. Reluctantly, he agreed.

It was decided that the duel would take place the following morning, in a secluded spot just outside of the city, but well within the Watchtowers. Despite being out of the way, a small crowd was drawn to watch, mostly minor nobles, the merchant classes and a few commoners as well as a group of High Guard. When Luca arrived, with Favian as his second, Benedict was already there and ready to start. Luca took up his sword from Favian and looked his opponent in the eyes.

The duel was over in a single strike. Luca collapsed, fatally wounded. Benedict wiped his sword clean with a smirk, turned on his heel and left quickly, keeping his head down.

Favian ran to his brother’s side but it was already far too late. The guards moved in to cover the body but before they did, Favian saw Luca’s eyes. They were cracked like shattered glass.

Days went by. A small funeral was held for Luca at the Temple of Ash, attended only by his family and Isabella. Soon after, Isabella moved away to her family’s estate in the City of Silk. Favian tried his best to convince the authorities that Benedict had used Eyes of Glass on Luca but no one would listen. Gradually he realised what was going on: they knew that illegal glass magic had been used but weren’t willing to risk a diplomatic incident by arresting an emissary and besides, Benedict had already left the city for the Port of Glass.

Things started to break down in the De Courci household. Favian argued more and more with his father until one evening, after a particularly vicious altercation, Favian stormed out. As night fell, he wandered the streets, letting his feet find their own way. The streets he still remembered from his childhood that had once been exciting were now grim and lonely.

Ahead of him, was a flight of steps, illuminated by oil lamps. He realised that he had found his way to the southern district of the city and now stood in front of the Temple of Ash. He hesitated only briefly before ascending to the temple doors. A woman in grey robes stood in front of them. She smiled. Her hair was flecked with grey and creases showed at the corners of her eyes but she had a certain elegance about her. Favian noticed a mostly healed scar on her cheek.

As Favian soon learnt, the woman was Lucille Orson, a priest of the Garden Lords, formerly of the Lord of the Gardens. She offered him sanctuary for the night which he gladly accepted. Within those walls, he found solace. Favian soon moved into the Temple permanently was ordained to the Lord of White Roses out of love for his brother and the love that had led to his death. Lucille took Favian on as her apprentice and taught him how to meditate and use Ash sorcery. A year after his brother’s death, Favian decided to venture outside of the Temple, as his mentor had done in her youth, to see how he might serve his Lord in the world beyond.

1) De Courci special, first rank of Clout in an institution where the family name holds weight costs 2XP.
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