Avity Hood


Body Hits 5
Armour 2
Fatigue 8
Parries 0
Dodges 4
Damage Single
Psyche 10
Psychic Damage Singles
Remaining Luck 1


Total XP: 224
XP Left: 0


Glass 3
Thief 4
Warrior 1
Scholar 2


Income: 15
Hexa Cash: Some…


General Skills Rank XP Total
Night Job n/a 4
Strong Willed 5 20
Tough 3 18
Quick 4 24
Glass Skills Rank XP Total
Ordained (absent lord) 1 6
Rites 3 12
Glass 3 3 30
Theif Skills Rank XP Total
Light Fingers 3 12
Unlawful Entry 3 12
Disengage 2 8
Edificeer 1 6
Urban Survival 1 4
Urban Stealth 3 12
Cosh 4 16
Sneak Rural 1 4
Urban Tracker 1 4
Blather 4 16
Warrior Rank XP Total
Main Gauche 1 2
Armour Repair 1 4
Scholar Rank XP Total
Alchemy (sleep) 1 6
XP Total 228


Ordained: Absent Lord

  • Has no reflection - or rather… she is her own reflection.
  • Low ranking member of King Eric's men.


  • Healing Potion x some
  • Strength Potion x some
  • Sleep Potion x some
  • Light Armour x1
  • Necklace made from a bit of the King in Fragments (grants shattered blood while worn)
  • A number of glass grapes - vitrified grapes from a tree sacred to the Lady of Blood and Wine.
  • A consecrated plant pot to the Absent Lord filled with glass shards in which one of the vitrified grapes may… or may not be planted. She lost track during the procedure as to where exactly the grape was but it's probably where it's meant to be… where-ever that is.

Notable Deeds

  • Stealing a really big diamond that turned out to be a bit of the King in Fragments.
  • Helped destroy a really big tree sacred to the Lady of Blood and Wine


Avity was brought up by her aunt in the port of glass after her parents were thrown into a shard pit by Lemuel D'Artoir when she was 5. She never held any anger against him for this as by and large the whole family saw it as something to be proud of in their Vitriarch worship. Growing up she always had a tendency to be attracted to shiny things that weren't hers, something that quite often got her into trouble despite her aunts best efforts to steer her towards something more productive… like stabbing yourself with glass shards.

Due to Avity's tendency to also not be there when people angrily came looking for her demanding their shiny things back she soon drew the 'non-attention' of the Absent Lord to her. She soon began to appreciate this and this led to her eventual acceptance of his attention and her ordination in a non-official sense. After all, what is better than a thief who isn't there?

When the Port was sacked by Belor and Selena she fled north to the White City and quickly fell in with King Eric's men to avoid having her fingers broken for thieving without a licence so to speak… however her connections with them are tenuous at best.

Since arriving in the White City she has made a number of friends including at the Embassy where she has semi-official recognition as someone who is occasional useful and as a friend to Orlando although if you catch her using the same face twice around him then you know she's getting sloppy.

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