Anomander Rake


Body Hits 3
Armour 2
Fatigue 6
Parries 0
Dodges 1
Damage Single
Psyche 6
Psychic Damage Single
Remaining Luck 1


Total XP: 56
XP Left: 0


Class 1 light 2
Class 2 nothing


Income: 0
Hexa Cash: 0


General Skills Rank XP Total
Tough 1 6
Strong willed 1 4
Quick 1 6
Luck 1 4
Day job 1 6
Class 1 Skills Rank XP Total
form magic 2 20
Ordained 1 6
first aid 1 4
Class 2 Skills Rank XP Total
XP Total 56


pair of black obsidian eyes


  • Healing Potion x3
  • First aid 1
  • healing kit 1
  • light armour
  • sword

Notable Deeds


Anomander Rake was an orphan by birth along with a sister Sonya Rake, both are now ash blooded because the love from their mother forced them back from the burned realm, Anomander was taken in by some priests of the light, who trained him in their ways, as Anomander progressed through his studies of the light he gained a fascination with magic and the different powers that control it and where it comes from, because of this Anomander has decided to begin a search for the knowledge and the capability to control it , Anomander has recently met back up with is sister to begin his search

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