Gavin Rayes


Body Hits 7
Armour 6
Fatigue 10
Parries 6
Dodges 0
Damage Triple
Psyche 10
Psychic Damage Triple
Remaining Luck 1


Total XP: 242
XP Left: 0


Warrior 4
Ash 3
Name 2


Income: 45
Hexa Cash: 102


General Skills Rank XP Total
Empowered 2 20
Subdual - 4
Tough 4 24
Strong Will 5 20
Luck 1 4
Wealth 1 4
Warrior Skills Rank XP Total
Night Job (Hired Thug)* - 4
Learned (Goin's on of the Shinin' Order) - 0
Armour Use 1 6
Shield Use 3 18
Blindfighting - 10
Strength 5 30
Weapon Master (Hammer) 4 24
Armour Repair - 4
Ash Sorcerer Skills Rank XP Total
Ash Magic 3 30
Ordained (Broken Gardener) - 6
Rites (Glass) 2 8
Exorcist - 6
Ordained (Rose Gardener of Folly) - 6
Rites (RGoF) 2 8
Name Sorcerer Skills Rank XP Total
Ordained (She Who Dances the Firmament) - 6
Rites (SWDtF) 2 8
Name Magic 2 20
XP Total 242

*Temporarily Day Job (Shining Order Armourer)


  • Troll Blooded
  • Apparent Genuine Priest of the Rose Gardener of Folly
  • Priest of the unbound namer “She Who Dances the Firmament”, more commonly known as the moon
  • Blessed of the Moon: 3 times per adventure under a starry sky may walk amongst the stars (teleporting dodge (whilst blind the location he returns to is GM discretion))
  • Former priest of the Broken Gardener, deeply confused by his loss of ordination
  • Eyes semi-ritually removed by a light priest (the priest in question was a little hazy about the exact details of the ritual) Restored with the healing powers of the moon
  • Blessed of the Lord of the Deeps (halved drowning rate and friend to all sea creatures)
  • Visage consumed by the flame replacing his skin with a sheet of bisected black and white fire hiding his identity and the eyes of creation. So long as he wears a hood in a crowd he doesn't even stand out too much as a faceless monstrosity.
  • Lodged with the Shining Order and watched carefully at the recommendation of Edric
  • Mentor within the Temple of Ash attempting to teach him to be a proper ash priest.
  • Strength Potion Addiction


  • Scribbled copy from memory of The Book: Teachings of the Garden Lords: a practical guide for a new priesthood
  • A somewhat more recently acquired copy of the public version of the Garden Lords teachings, a very similar book without the bits teaching you how to do Ash Magic and containing versions of the rites not filtered through the mind of someone ordained to the broken gardener.
  • Standard Heavy Armour (with wind and rose motifs)
  • Mastercrafted Hammer
  • Superior Hammer
  • A probably Large Standard Shield
  • A healthy bloom of “Seed of Binding's Bane” (7 point)
  • A somewhat less healthy recreated blood of “Seed of Binding's Bane” (3 point)
  • A tome on Name magic taken from a rather generous library hidden in his cell in the Shining Order compound

Notable Deeds

  • Chased off the Bard of Rainbows and his oneirotempest, meeting the rose princes in their dreams and witnessing the emergence of the Second Sleeper.
  • Helped cleanse the Moon of glassy taint and UNLEASHED THE BOUND ONE WITHIN.
  • Escaped from certain execution at the hands of the high guard by walking amongst the stars, wanted criminal of unspecified nature in the white city and by the cloistered brethren for freeing a bound one. Fortunately nobody who knows that he did this know what he looks like now
  • Cleansed from glassy taint an underwater temple to the Drowned Princess earning the favour of the Lord of the Deeps
  • Helped Roark Velasquez gain power over a lost city in the Wastes of the Rose in his attempts to construct the temple of man, was rewarded with the removal of his face.
  • Helped return the necromancer Sacchos Curiana to the burned realm in a reasonably final manner earning the favour of the Garden Lords and their overlooking of his comparitively minor former necromantic activities.
  • Needs to have a conversation with Athol Dewar and Enturis Aruk about fixing glass and the nature of the shattered isle's created gems


Gavin has always been a thug, growing up as a slow individual in a bad neighbourhood in the white city meant that he never aspired to much in life, gradually coming to the realisation that if he negotiated right he could find people who would actually pay him to get into fights and throw his not inconsiderable weight around. After years of being paid to guard places and not ask questions he finally had the trick of it, if someone asks awkward questions about the place you're meant to be guarding they find themselves with a hammer to the head and waking up with a splitting headache in an alleyway somewhere wearing nothing but their pants, everything else being of course a perk of the job.

Life continued much as normal until one fateful night where the person asking awkward questions was some stupid bragard in a grey robe with roses sewn onto the sleeves reading something out of some sort of book, the braggard of course woke up the next morning with a splitting headache wearing nothing but his pants in one of the white city's many gutters. Unlike the other times the perks of the job ended up having a profound effect on Gavin, he started reading the book, and even more strangely kind of getting it. The next few weeks passed in some form of alchoholic daze on one very simple and strange understanding, he was a priest of the garden lords and he'd never known it. Unfortunately this belief stemmed from the understanding that it's priests of the garden lords can fight unhindered in an ashen cloud, as the book said, and when the stupid braggard had made one of them to try to stop him it certainly hadn't hindered him any… Gavin's not entirely sure what happened during those weeks but by the end of it he was sure that there was certainly something far more spiritual in his life than there'd ever been before and a very basic understanding of the workings of ash magic, which certainly seems to make hitting people over the head a lot easier when all they do is flail about.

With this new understanding he's started to follow his exceptionally literal readings of the contents of the book, though been sensible enough to avoid the temple of ash itself on the basis that the braggard is liable to hang around there and whatever people say there's always hard feelings about a few hard hits round the head.

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