Professor Roman Morpheme, DWTA, MWTA, BWTA


Body Hits 4
Armour 2
Fatigue 9
Parries 0+1
Dodges 5+1
Damage Single
Psyche 6
Psychic Damage Single
Remaining Luck 1


Total XP: 100+40+40+20++30+24 = 260
XP Left: 2+4


Scholar 5
Wind 4
Ranger 1


Income: 30
Hexa Cash: 325


General Skills Rank XP Total
Quick 5 30
Vigorous 2 8
Strong Will 1 4
Luck 2 8
Tough 2 12
Clout: College - 4
Wealth 1 4
Day Job - 2
Scholar Skills Rank XP Total
Tactician 5 20
Learned 3 6
Alchemy 2 8 (1 Rank at Discount)
Arcane Lore 5 20
(Alchemical) Strength 1 6
Accademic Appraisal - 2
Divination - 10
Spurious Discourse - 4
Ordained - 6
Wind Sorceror Skills Rank XP Total
Wind Magic 4 40
Arcane Lore 2 8
Wind Priest Skills Rank XP Total
Leadership 5 20
Rites 5 20
Ranger Skills Rank XP Total
Disengage 1 4
Rural Survival 1 6
Rural Tracker - 4
XP Total 262


  • Alchemy - Strength Potions (“Essence of Heroism”)
  • Alchemy - Healing Potions (“Distilled Importance”)
  • Spiritual Distillation Equipment & Theoretical Texts (Alchemy Lab)

  • Ordained - Princess Of Stories
  • College of 1,027 Arts

  • Learned - Narrative Theory of Myths, Legends and History (”Department of The Research And Study of Recurring Symbolism and Narrative Structure within Classical and Heroic Legend, History and Colloquial Folk-Tale Within and Around The White City and The Surrounding World, as Doccumented in Story, Modern Theatre and Social Textual Events”, College of One Thousand and Twenty-Seven Arts, The White City.)
  • Learned - The Oldest Tongues (College Library)
  • Learned - Heraldry, Nobility, and Recurring Motifs throughout The History Of The Port Of Glass (”Department of The Research And Study of Recurring Symbolism and Narrative Structure within Classical and Heroic Legend, History and Colloquial Folk-Tale Within and Around The White City and The Surrounding World, as Doccumented in Story, Modern Theatre and Social Textual Events”, College of One Thousand and Twenty-Seven Arts, The White City.)
  • Learned - The College Library (College Library) (Day Job)

  • Arcane Lore - Wind, Dream, Glass, Blood, Ash, Name, Black Flame
  • Survival - Burned Realm

  • Luck - 2 Bought of 5, 1 Used

  • Right Arm - A Dream of Night. Will spasm and ache if a night is not spent dreaming.
  • Blessing - From Lady of The Pack. Bite Mark on Right side of neck. When on adventure with other bearers

of this mark, Roman can call Bodyguard Dodge for another Mark bearer using his Dodges +1 for every encounter.

  • Blessing - From The Rattle Prince. Can use the Back Stab Skill, but every time he does so, a dark sheen grows over his body.
  • Memories of Vitrification - At GM discretion, Roman can once an adventure subconciously and UNWILLINGLY activate the Glass Spell “Clarity” at the cost of 1 Psyche.
    • Princess Of Veil's Veil - Renders wearer invisible to The Rattle Prince's scrying.


  • “Heroism” Potion x0
  • “Importance” Potion x10
  • Purification Potion x2
  • Superior Light Armour x1
  • Superior Sword x1
  • Thesis (”A proposal on World-Shaping and Manipulation Of Historical and Real Events in the form of Narrative structure and Bibliogenesis”)
  • Glass Eyeless Bear Head (”Proof Of Autonomous Non-Anthropomorphic Adversaries Forming Villain Roles Despite Not Fulfilling Schemer or True Monster Characteristics”)
  • Potion of Personal Non-Linear Immortality x1

"Thesis On Bibliogenesis"

33 Point Magic Item:


  • Unique Thesis - 7 Points
  • Piece Of Vitrified Ash & Wind Blessed Ship's Wheel - 3 Points / Halved To 2 Points


  • Pages of The Thesis Infused With The First Wind: 7 Points
  • Significant tools: A Master Scholars Writings: 1 Point
  • Wind Magic Up To Rank 3 Bound Up: 9 Points


  • Only Evidence Of The Canvas Of Creation, Written While Beneath The Earth: 7 Points

While Carrying The Thesis:

  • Roman has no need to spend Fatigue to Raise The Wind
  • Roman has an extra store of 10 Fatigue Per Adventure
  • Roman has a free use of Rejuvenating Fire Per Adventure
  • It cannot be destroyed by the Elements

Notable Deeds

  • Received A Blessing from The Lady Of The Pack, following thwarting a Glass Tower in The Forest
  • Lost right arm liberating the NDL from the forces of The Shadowman in Dream.
  • Enlisted the aid of Day and secured the services of The Twilight Guard against The Shadowman.
  • Destroyed The Shadowman.
  • Graduated from The College with a Batchelor's Degree in The Written and Theoretical Arts.
  • Attended The Celebration of Light. Took a Candle back to his College Office and Thought Long And Hard About It…
  • Attended Rebecca De Courci's Celebration. Witnessed the declaration of City-Duel with The Golden City.
  • Spoke with The Witness of Trade, Servant of The Princes of Breath.
  • Was asked by Rebecca De Courci to partake in the Duel of Intelligence.
  • Met/Discovered The Winding Road, and endured his own painful, meaningless death.
  • Grew a dashing side-burns-moustache combination.
  • Aided in the divination of The Beginning of Professor Warver's Search For The Princess Of Stories.
  • Aided The Velasquez Family in disabling The Golden City's sources of Steel Silk
  • Blessed by The Rattle Prince
  • Beat Thomas De Verlay Half-To-Death for his blasphemy. Received a polite notice from The Port Of Glass “Not To Do This Again”
  • Befriended & Intercepted White City Dissidents working for The Golden City. Took on a deed for The Duke Of Scattered Leaves.
  • Intercepted & waylaid a letter meant to cause rife between The Noble Families' High Guard representatives. Ceased their arguing through diplomacy & revealing that the area was in the Power of The Hush Princess.
  • Turned Batchelor's Degree into Master's Degree.
  • Turned Master's Degree into Doctorate.
  • Ventured into The Burned Realm on the insistence of Duke Velasquez to retrieve proof of Elinor De courci's father. Instead retrieved Lydia De Courci's spirit from the House Of The Gods, being one of only a few mortals to ever venture into that place, while encountering the shade of The Princess Of Veils along the way.
  • Died in the Burnt Realm. As it wasn't his time or place, he got better.
  • Ventured beneath The Earth to restore equilibrium to the World's tilt. Destroyed Four Manifestations of Abject Terror (The Great Toppling, Fears Of Flame, The Sleepers Ascendant, & Whims Of A Fickle God, whom Roman personally defeated using tropes of Hubris).
  • Personally retrieved a “Bucket Of Lust” from the fields of emotion by direct means, without narrative's help. With the aid of Roark Velasquez.
  • Saboutaged a plan of The Emperor Of The Unbound to enslave / replace The Canvas Of Creation, the Namer which created The World. Met / Felt The First Wind & Ventured Through The Shattered Plain along the way back.
  • Became Professor Of Myths & Legends at The College (At least until Professor Strauss dies from a totally-forseen accident). Buys a nice house. Moves in with Galaena. Looks awkward.


A hard-working and rather book-covered librarian and amateur alchemist at the College of 1,027 Arts, Roman is the only student of the Department of Narrative Study (For Short) under Professor Strauss Propp. Not a keen Warrior or Mage, Roman wishes to accompany adventurers as part of his research into exactly why Heroes and Villains exist, why events happen as they do with such dramatic acclaim, and why History often feels like it was Written for us.

Somewhat meek and mousey, Roman has a keen mind, and has moments of brilliant heroism. Roman brews potions of Strength, but turns his nose up at that branding, preferring to call them “Essence of Heroism Distilled”, straight from his head.

As part of his research, Roman became fascinated with The Princess Of Stories, and now devotes his work to her.

Roman seems to dress down, and tries very hard not to call attention to himself. Apart from the Alchemy Labs, The Department of Narrative Study (For Short), and a very, very local tavern below his bedsit, Roman spends no time not researching and working in the Library or keeping himself to himself in his room.

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