Roark Velasquez


Body Hits 6 (5 on legs)
Armour 0
Fatigue NA
Parries 3
Dodges 6
Damage Single
Psyche 15
Psychic Damage Quads
Remaining Luck 0


Total XP: 260
XP Left: 0


Light 4
Black Flame 5
Name 3
Ranger 1


Income: 60 + 30 (from Name 2)
Hexa Cash: 85


General Skills Rank XP Total
Quick 6 36
Tough 4 24
Strong Willed 10 40
Empowered 3 30
Wealth 2 8
Luck 5 20
Light Sorcerer Skills Rank XP Total
Light Magic1) 4 40
Arcane Lore: Light 1 4
Exorcism 1 6
Ordained 1 6
Rites 3 12
Black Flame Sorcerer Skills Rank XP Total
Black Flame Magic2) 5 50
Arcane Lore: Black Flame, Chain, Name3) 3 12
Ordained 4) 1 6
Rites 5 20
Learned: Unusual Architecture 1 2
Learned: Great Individuals 1 2
Learned: Legendary Artefacts 1 2
Learned: Oldest Tongues 5) 1 2
Name Sorcerer Skills Rank XP Total
Ordained (SIJ) 1 6
Name Magic 3 30
Ranger Skills Rank XP Total
Disengage 1 4
Ambidextrous 1 10
All Terrain 1 6
XP Total 362


  • Wanted by the Brotherhood of Chains
  • Wanted by the Low Guard
  • Wanted by the Exalted Church
  • Immunity Wind 1
  • Immunity Ash 2
  • Immunity Chain 1
  • Immunity Name 3
  • Immunity Blood 2
  • Emotions sacrificed to the flame
  • Named 'Enemy of the Empire'
  • Mundane voice given to the Flame can only speak 'With the Voice'.
  • Surrounded by bound Spirits at all times after consuming a powerful Chain artefact.
  • Forever cursed to hunger for the flesh of Gods…largely able to master this hunger.
  • Rejected the Shackles of Birth
  • Monstrous perversion of humanity, made of searing white fire.

The Heart of the White Flame

Roark's philosophy made manifest. The transcendental glory of the Light that sets man apart and the burning hunger of the Black Flame that serves his ambition; merged as one into his own unnatural heart. The artefact burns with Roark's own emotionless drive to be the ultimate ideal of man; rational, illuminated and utterly uncompromising; the perfect individual.

Though Roark would never consider the possibility some might argue that into the heart's brilliant flames he has cast everything about himself that makes a man a man and in the process has become a perversion of all that he sought to be.


  • The heart of a manifestation of the Light (13pts).
  • The Caster's own heart, remade by a bound one in Light and Flame and quenched in the waters of the fountain of youth. Remade once again by the Namer to be filled with blood of Light and Fire (13/2 = 7pts).


  • The heart's power allows the caster to reborn from the Black Flame after being struck down by an ally (7pts).
  • The Light is bathed in the Flames taken from the column of Black Flame beneath the world (7/2 = 4pts).
  • Significant tools: A Tender of the Flame paid with the caster's own flesh (2pts).
  • Binding Up A Great Part Of Your Power: 5 levels of Black Flame, 4 levels of Light, 3 levels of Name (36pts)


  • The Heart's physical nature is burned away with the maker's own humanity (7pts)


76 points


  • Unites the magics of the Black Flame and the Light: The wielder's Black Flame ordination makes them an adept of Light magic. Furthermore anything the Light gains metaphysical control may be sacrificed to the Flame. (25 point power)
  • The wielder becomes a living being of Light and Black Flame. A vaguely humanoid shape, made of brilliant white fire, with the following attributes (48 point power):
  • The wielder becomes insubstantial
  • The wielder is rendered permanently Incandescent
  • Rather than annihilating the wielder, refinement restores a global hit.
  • Since carrying around swords as a pillar of fire is inconvenient; Coils of (White) Flame can be invoked by sacrificing a count of 20 of raised light to the Flame.
  • Once per adventure, by sacrificing a count of 40 raised light, the wielder may pass through the realm of the light to a place consecrated to the Flame by the wielder (ie a evil villain 'you may have won the battle but not the war!' teleport.)
  • No blood
  • No fatigue
  • Healing, Strength & Sleep potions no longer affect the caster (making Refinement the only practical healing method).
  • Armour usage is impossible.

Aegis of the Will

Once the 'Aegis of the West' a magical suit of armour made of enchanted wood, taken from the palace of the Night King. Reforged by Roark, it protects not flesh but Will and Spirit; shielding the wearer from the divinations of Gods and mortals alike.


  • The ‘Aegis of the West’, the spirit within defeated (7pts)
  • Ancient chain of spirit binding (7/2 = 4pts)


  • The Armour is ritually reshaped in the forge of Tear’s of Fire (7pts)
  • The Chain is tempered in a shrine to the Black Flame (3/2 = 2pts)
  • Significant tools: A mastercraftsman and chain sorcerer6) working the chain into the armour (1pts)


  • The armour is consecrated to the Black Flame at the moment the creator personally destroys an avatar of the Rattle Prince (7pts)




  • The wearer is rendered invisible to all forms of supernatural scrying, searching or divination. Neither supernatural being, nor sorcerer may perceive the wearer unless in their direct presence.


  • Superior Light Armour x1
  • Superior Sword x2
  • Anti-Glass x 2
  • Anti-Wind x2
  • Anti-Chain x 1
  • Glass Rose of Treachery from the Shattered Plain (struck by lighting bolts from the Prince of Storms and the Rattle Prince)

Notable Deeds

  • Awarded a medal for bravery in the fight against the King who Waits (gave the memory of the entire event the the Flame sometime later).
  • Freed the bound one, the Sightless Intonation of Judgement, in return for immortality; turned on by his companions (gave the memory of the entire event the the Flame sometime later).
  • Walked the Shattered plain but gave the memories of the journey to the flame in a futile attempt to escape his fellow adventurers.
  • Member of the party that ended mankind's curse of mortality; condemning that aspect of death to the black flame (gave the memory of the entire event the the Flame sometime later).
  • Destroyed an Army of the Empire of the Unbound with a Ritual of Dream and Black Flame.
  • Journeyed beneath the world and discovered the source of its imbalance. Attempted to destroy the 'Canvas of Creation' but was cut down by his allies.
  • Gave the memories of the 'Canvas of Creation' to the flame in return for the knowledge of how to destroy the entity.
  • Destroyed the Night King and evaded the wild hunt.
  • Stole the heart of the Light's manifestation of Transcendence.
  • Destroyed the forge of 'Tear's as Fire' beneath the City of Fire.
  • Destroyed a manifestation of the Rattle Prince (and his silly hat).
  • Created the cult of the White Flame and the Temple of Man in attempt to create a utopia for 'individuals'. Failed dramatically.
  • Attempted to give the Sun to the Black Flame in a ritual that would have destroyed mankind's collective humanity, severing their connection to the divine. Was stopped by a group of heroes sent by the Exalted Church.
  • Was defeated by his old master Anvil. Had his free will destroyed and, along with Anvil, was bound into the Lord of the Forge to forever serve mankind as one of God's twin aspects.


The elder son of a minor Velasquez noble Roark is unusual in having never been interested in advancement within the ranks of the nobility and upon reaching manhood he virtually cut himself off from his family to join the Church of the Light.

Reserved and utterly uninterested in the affairs of others Roark’s beliefs concerning the Light are at best blasphemous and most likely heretical, not that he cares. For he knows the Light within is the ultimate expression of an individual’s spirit; to exalt the self, to become a truly perfect prime mover one must serve only the quest to master the light irrespective of all other things and people. Roark has never compromised this belief and those that stand in his way are the parasites and second handers who would corrupt all mankind with the darkness of mediocrity, and against the power of the Light their weakness shall be purified.

Roark has a single aim: to be “man as he should be”, the perfect rationally self-illuminated individual. 7)

1) , 2) , 4) Bound into Radiant Heart
3) Taught by Naomi the Walker
5) Taught by James Warver
6) James Warver and Holly Vance
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