Misa Kenochi


Body Hits 3
Armour 6
Fatigue 6
Parries 2
Dodges 1
Damage Double
Psyche 5
Psychic Damage Single
Remaining Luck 1


Total XP: 74
XP Left: 0


Warrior 2
Black Flame


Income: 5
Hexa Cash: 45


General Skills Rank XP Total
Day Job: Royal Bodyguard 1 2
Learned: Eastern Customs 1 0
Luck 1 4
Tough 1 6
Warrior Skills Rank XP Total
Great Weapon 1 14
Bodyguard 1 2
Armoured Combat 1 6
Strong 1 6
Weapon Master: Spear 2 12
Black Flame Skills Rank XP Total
Survival: Roads 1 01)
Magic: Black Flame 2 20
XP Total 74


  • Coal from a Tender of the Flame burnt into his right hand. Counts as having Survival: Roads.


  • Standard Heavy Armour x1
  • Standard Spear x1

Notable Deeds

  • Investigated the disappearance of a Fairweather Company engineer who had become a Tender of the Flame in her desire to recreate the Long Road. (For Whom the Road Tolls)


Misa Kenochi comes from a long and distinguished family who have always served the members of the Nakamura household as bodyguards, chaperones and advisers. Misa's liege is Prince Ashura Nakamura who he has followed unwaveringly on many adventures, even beneath the world itself.

1) Due to the Tender Coal in his hand.
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