Kyre Wordsmith / The Lord of Justice


Body Hits 31*
Armour 6
Fatigue 35
Parries 9
Dodges 2
Damage Quad
Psyche 10
Psychic Damage Hex
Remaining Luck 0

* 31 per loc, 30 on Left and Right Arm


Total XP: 604
XP Left: 0


Warrior 5
Blood Sorcerer 5
Black Flame Sorcerer 5


Income: 90
Hexa Cash: 1


General Skills Rank XP Total
Tough 30 180
Empowered 5 50
Strong Willed 5 20
Wealth 3 12
Luck 3 12
Warrior Skills Rank XP Total
Weapon Master: 1H-Sword 5 30
Strong 10 60
Armoured Combat 1 6
Armour Repair 1 4
Bodyguard 1 2
Blindfighting 1 10
Shield 3 18
Night Job 1 4
Leadership 5 20
Blood Sorcerer Skills Rank XP Total
Blood Magic 5 50
Arcane Lore 9 36
Ordained 1 6
Rites 5 20
Exorcism 1 6
Black Flame Sorcerer Skills Rank XP Total
Black Flame Magic 5 50
Ordained 1 6
Learned 1 2
XP Total 604

Ordination: Lady of Battles (Rites 5), Black Flame
Wealth: Orphanage
Night Job: Twilight Guard
Arcane Lores: Blood, Black Flame, Chain, Name, Dream, Glass, Ash, Wind, Light
Learned: The Oldest Tongues, Combat Gardening (Night Job)


  • Former King Eric's Man
  • Member of the Twilight Guard
  • Blessing of the Verdant Lord: Green mark on forehead, 2 Entangling strikes per Adventure
  • Blessing of Twilight Clearing: Can spend 1 Blood hit per adventure to gain +1 Bodyguard Parry per encounter
  • Named “Able to See in Any Darkness”: Glowing purple eyes, can see in darkness
  • Named “Master of Names”: Can sacrifice names to the Black Flame
  • No visible shadow
  • Ability to use Blood Calls Out To Blood sealed by the Flame and can only be used if it directly furthers Kyre's goals
  • Blood Tied to Rajanigandha (and so linked to Enshinevrostra)
  • Blessing of Inskuldres and Rajanigandha: Can spend 2 Blood hits to restore 1 Fatigue to self or others
  • Blessing of Matahadreas and The Mother of All Serpents: Once per adventure can make a Swift strike at x2 damage
  • Blessing of the Lord of the Tower of Heroes: +2 damage for one encounter per adventure when facing an opponent with a fearsome reputation
  • Immune to Dream 4, Name 2, Ash 1, Glass 2
  • Reject the Shackles of Birth used
  • Oath sworn to Lady of Battles, consecrated to Lord of the Faithful, to try to ensure that Soulrender is never used
  • Accepted as a new Blood power with the Lady of Battles' blessings


  • Judgement (70 point magical item)
  • Mastercrafted One-Handed Sword x1
  • Superior One-Handed Sword x1
  • One-Handed Sword x1
  • Mastercrafted Heavy Armour x1
  • Superior Heavy Armour x1
  • Heavy Armour x1
  • Mastercrafted Medium Shield x1
  • Healing Potion x7
  • Purification Potion x4
  • Strength Potion x3
  • Anti-Dream Potion x1
  • Anti-Glass Potion x5
  • The crown of the King Who Waits' predecessor
  • Subjugation of Names (20 point magical item)
  • Soulrender, a sword which destroys souls utterly
  • A necklace which severs one's connection to the gods and conceals one's presence to them
  • The first ever Chain of Iron


Equipment fit for a god. An expression of Kyre's strength and will to protect, Judgement is a set of sword, shield and armour, made one with his blood through battle, that burn with his will and determination. They can be grown and manifested from his blood when called upon, and in addition to preventing him from being bound with Chain magic or trivially destroyed, their abilities include such things as turning the attacks of those he opposes back upon them and allowing him to take damage in the stead of those he wishes to protect.

Precise effects from a game mechanical perspective were never defined, as the item was only completed upon character retirement.


  • A broken chain that had bound a great vault in the East, designed to hold in all manners of arcane horror (13 points)
  • Fragments of the shell of the egg of a unique dragon born of the Mother of All Serpents and the Dream power Time (13/2 = 7 points)


  • The chain is wound into the armour whilst sacrificing all memories of a mission's purpose to gain information allowing it to be completed, and using this a great battle is fought and won to fulfil the caster's will (7 points)
  • The fragments of the eggshell, themselves obtained by protecting a young and innocent creature, are spread across the sword and shield and the equipment are used to fight against an entire army of Glass worshippers and their supporters, being thoroughly bathed in the blood shed in the process (7/2 = 4 points)
  • Significant tools: A full set of Mastercrafted Sword, Shield and Heavy Armour form the basis for the set (2 points)
  • Binding up power: 5 levels of Blood, 5 levels of Black Flame (30 points)


  • The equipment is used to fight the the Lady of Battles, leading to victory and apotheosis (7 points)


70 points

Subjugation of Names

A necklace which allows the wearer to bring names under their control, which combined with Kyre's naming allows him to then sacrifice them to the Black Flame. The subject must willingly offer themselves to undergo the process, whereupon the strength of the name must be overcome by the caster's strength of will (Psychic Combat, stats similar to whatever did the naming).


  • The essence of a spirit of the Black Flame, traded through sacrifice (7 points)
  • The essence of the Black Flame within a strong-willed individual, separated out from them and made manifest (7/2 = 4 points)


  • The caster's own summoned Black Flame is channeled through the item, temporarily restricting their power (3 points)
  • No significant forging (0 points)


  • An entire bound battle from the Naming and Binding War is released and the battle concluded, the servant of the Namers being defeated, and a ritual is carried out upon the item on the altar that did the binding (7 points)


21 points

Notable Deeds

  • Travelled to the Isle of the Broken Moon, killed a large amount of Broken Guard and servants of the Vitriarch, challenged the Lady of Battles and won and earned the right to become a new Blood power
  • Led a mission to the east to kill Cordol Lome, succeeded, but in a manner leading to exile from the city (again)
  • Fought to protect the city from the Dark Carnival
  • Helped to kill the King Who Waits and the Taker of Within
  • Assisted in the awakening of the Mother of All Serpents
  • Protected Rebecca de Courci from an assassination plot from the East
  • Became Blood Tied to the dragon Rajanigandha and assisted in Enshinevrostra's birth
  • Helped to incite rebellion in the East
  • Helped to reorganise King Eric's Men in the city's favour
  • Freed a bound version of the Light within Dream
  • Aided the rebirth of the Verdant Lord
  • Assisted in retaking the Port of Glass from Belor


Born to the Wordsmith family, a small, mostly unknown lineage generally consisting of poets, writers and bards, Kyre was effectively a backup plan so that the family would not die out completely should anything happen to his parents, Samuel and Susan Wordsmith, who had big ideas of nobility and fame for the Wordsmith name but believed themselves to be the last in the lineage.

After his birth, Kyre's parents continued to focus on their performances, however, and paid little attention to his upbringing or raising him to follow in their footsteps. They became more and more absorbed in their next “big project”, a whole new style of performance, which was set to be their path to fame across the land. However, an old composer named Gregory Pinn became aware of their project and, seeking to steal their ideas for his own, hired some muscle to render them incapable of performing. Thanks to an over-enthusiastic hired goon, things got somewhat out of hand and the pair were killed, somewhat brutally, before the eyes of Kyre, aged seven.

Kyre was taken in by a family friend who continued to raise him, but never got along too well with him. Lacking experience of his family's work, he was left without much idea as to where his life was going, until the fateful day that he first held a sword. His carer had the workings of a small collection, and allowed him to take one up. Feeling its weight and potential in his grip, he saw it to be nothing but a tool to bring about one's will. He decided at this point that he should be a warrior, that just as there are those out there who cause harm for personal gain, that he must fight for justice and defend the innocent, such that needless deaths and suffering such as those of his parents could be avoided.

For the next few years or so Kyre trained, determined to focus his all to the task he had taken upon himself. He trained not just his body but also his mind such that although he would wield a sword to parry blows and protect, he would have no hesitation in making a killing blow to remove a threat if such was necessary. Once he felt that he was ready to travel on an adventure and fight, he followed a party making an excursion into the Great Forest having overheard them making plans in a tavern. When the party ran into some giant spiders and were facing defeat, he jumped out to protect them only to fall easily himself. At this point the party's Blood Sorcerer turned up, shrugging off blows, tearing the spiders apart with Blood Curses and healing the wounded, Kyre included. Kyre was left in awe of this power and, recognising his intent and passion, the Blood Sorcerer taught him of the Lady of Battles and took him to be ordained under her and to learn Blood magic at her temple. Oddly enough, Kyre never saw this Blood Sorcerer around again.

Left to fend for himself in the White City, he found work doing various shady dealings for King Eric. Remembering the hired heavy who killed his parents, he realised that organisations of criminals such as that of King Eric ought to be brought down or at the very least kept in check, and decided to try to bring them down from the inside whilst making a living, occasionally allowing otherwise doomed individuals to slip away unnoticed. He also took up an adventuring career, meeting and befriending Theodore Luxfrey on the way.

This state of affairs continued until the rebirth of the Verdant Lord and the formation of the Twilight Guard. Now quite sure that King Eric's men knew of his general philosophies, Kyre accepted an invitation to instead join this newly formed guard, working by cover of night to extend the potency of the blessing over the city he had helped to bring about.

Eventually, his desire to protect and the strength of his will brought him to learn Black Flame magic from Anvil and ultimately become ordained to the Flame itself, such that he might be better able to bring about his will and make greater sacrifices when necessary. Seeing the Flame as something which ultimately only destroys, he never entirely trusted it but rather viewed it as a necessary counterpart to Name, such that suffering created by Name has means of being destroyed.

Whilst trying to free a bound version of the Light in a world within Dream, Kyre obtained glowing purple eyes, making living around the city more difficult. Through continuing to do good work both for the city and its people with the help of Blood Blessings and aliases such as Eryk Blackwood and the mercenary “Triad”, he was able to spread word among the common people that he was acting in their interests and the hunt by the High Guard for being a suspected Namer cultist was called off, provided he was discreet about the eyes. Kyre continued to wear a blindfold whilst within the watchtowers to this end.

Kyre then set up the Wordsmith Orphanage, an orphanage within the White City dedicated to raising and giving a proper upbringing to orphaned children from all areas of society. Having assisted in its birth, he also ended up as a sort of godfather to the newborn dragon Enshinevrostra, seeking to ensure that this dragon is kept safe and is not sent too far from the path of justice.

Eventually, he travelled to the far east to kill the rogue chain sorcerer Cordol Lome to fulfil an oath sworn to the Lady of Battles. Following the use of the Black Flame spell Reject the Shackles of Birth he succeeded, although acted against the interests of the White City, causing enough of a diplomatic incident to no longer be welcome there, with much of the city left to believe that he was killed and some monstrosity took his place and began claiming to be him.

Finally he travelled to the Isle of the Broken Moon, waging war on the Vitriarch worshippers there and attempting to sacrifice their high priests for protections against the corruption of Glass. Killing the avatar of the Master Complete and his servant who was attempting to do the same, he fought the armies of Duke Karl that had amassed against he and his party and amidst the carnage the Lady of Battles was summoned. He challenged her to a battle to earn the right to become a Blood power and won, completing his set of equipment “Judgement” in the process and taking on the title “The Lord of Justice”, who represents the fight to protect the innocent. He then headed out into the world to begin this work and slowly become something that can truly be called an Old Power.

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