Brother Finch Tyrell - Retired


Body Hits 4
Armour 6
Fatigue 7
Parries 5
Dodges 1
Damage Quad
Psyche 7
Psychic Damage Triple
Remaining Luck 1


Total XP: 191
XP Left: 3


Warrior 4
Chain Sorcerer 5
Ranger 2
Merchant 1


Income: 60
Hexa Cash: 912


General Skills Rank XP Total
Tough 2 12
Luck 1 4
Wealth 2 8
Strong Willed 2 8
Empowered 2 20
Warrior Skills Rank XP Total
Staff 1 10
Strong 3 18
Night Job 1 4
Weapon Master 4 24
Armour Repair 1 4
Armoured Combat 1 6
Tactician 3 12
Chain Sorcerer Skills Rank XP Total
Chain Magic 5 50
Arcane Lore 1 4
Learned 2 0 (Special)
Ranger Skills Rank XP Total
Throwing Weapons 1 4
XP Total 186

Weapon Master: Staff
Night Job/Wealth: Funding from the Cloistered Brethren
Arcane Lore: Chain
Learned: Naming and binding war, Secret tools of the Cloistered Brethren.


  • Ashen blood - able to see the ghosts of the dead.
  • Has given his memories of his father to the Flame.


  • Healing Potion x8
  • Anti-Chain Potion x1
  • Superior Quarterstaff blessed by Faragmos the Firstborn, immune to Shadowcats: Parries.
  • Superior Light Armour
  • Superior Heavy Armour
  • Superor Sword
  • Daggers x7

Notable Deeds

  • Helped destroy Shangri-La and the Wraith.
  • Helped kill the King Who Waits.
  • Helped bind He who lives in memories past.
  • Helped bind the Eater of Gods.
  • Acheived mastery of the Chain of Thought.
  • Now stays in the cloister, keeping guard over to lower vaults and keeping Yana company.


Age: 22

Finch entered the White City six months old with his father Morten, one of those moving from the East to the City in search of a new life. His relationship with his father is decidedly cool; they have never discussed life back in the East, although when his father has hit the bottle particularly hard he mutters darkly about broken vows and cruel betrayals.

The strangest thing Morten told him before his final sink into the gutter was that his mother was already dead at the time of his birth. His parents had been travelling through the desert when they were attacked by some wild animal; it had struck down his mother and then viciously attacked his father, forcing him to flee. The next night as Morten tended his wounds, however, his mother appeared from the night looking pale and weak, and collapsed into his arms. She never answered when asked how she survived, and so they continued onwards as they had before.

As they travelled she became with child, and so they made for the nearest settlement. The birth was complicated – she grew paler and weaker as labour progressed, but finally Finch was born. Only a few seconds later, however, the room was full of choking ashes, and when they cleared she was gone. Shaken and tearful, Morten continued on eventually reaching the city.

His father effectively abandoning him in favour of drink, Finch had to fend for himself in the slums of the White City for most of his life. He proved to be handy with a stick and got a reputation as a fighter, but he always felt more drawn to the mysteries of the East and his birth. Thus, he started trying to get a foothold in the arcane arts. No ash sorcerers he could find would have anything to do with him, however, and so he ended up contacting the Cloistered Brethren. They took him in, and after some tutelage in Chain sorcery decided that he would be of best use serving the Cloistered Brethren’s less public goals.

From then on he has been leading something of a double life; to most he is just one of the novices in the Cloistered Brethren, living a life of study and learning. Once in a while, however, he must leave his quarters in secrecy and extinguish the threat to the Brethren, whether it is a cult of worshippers of the Bound Ones or some thieves who have stolen a powerful relic. The Brethren pay him well for this, but for him that is merely an added bonus; he is doing this to find out more of the world, and protect the first group in his life that have made him feel he belongs.

Recently, it seems they are moving him to more public active duties; perhaps they plan for him to leave the shadows?

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