Sra'em Yar


Body Hits 7
Armour 2
Fatigue 10
Parries 6
Dodges 5 (+ survival)
Damage Triples
Psyche 8
Psychic Damage Half
Remaining Luck 1


Total XP: 278
XP Left: 0


Ranger: 4
Warrior: 3
Merchant: 2
Scholar: 1


Income: 60
Hexa Cash: 439.5


General Skills Rank XP Total
Day job (Fur Trapper/Lumberjack) 1 2
Clout (Dr at college 1000 arts) 1 4
Luck 2 4
Quick 4 24
Strong Willed 3 12
Tough 5 30
Wealth 2 8
Ranger Skills Rank XP Total
All Terrain 1 6
Ambidextrous 1 10
First Aid 2 8
Herbalism 1 6
Rural Tracker 1 4
Strong 3 12
Survival Woodland 4 16
Survival Dream 3 12
Survival Desert 2 8
Survival Mountain 1 4
Throwing weapons 1 4
Throwing Weapon master 4 16
Warrior Skills Rank XP Total
Ambidextrous 1 10
Leadership (Timber!) 1 4
Weapon Master (Axe) 3 18
Merchant Skills Rank XP Total
Craftsman Axes 1 6
Wealth 2 8
Scholar Skills Rank XP Total
Academic Appraisal 1 2
Alchemist (Strength) 1 6
Learned (Language & Customs of Western Forest) 1 2
Poisoner : Preparation 1 6
XP Total 278


Member of the Northern Defence League
Doctor in the College of 1000 Arts Faculty of cartography
Field Researcher for the school of experimental Botany


  • Healing Potion x9
  • Strength Potion x7
  • Purification x2
  • Anti-Chain x2
  • Anti-venom x1
  • Light armour superior x2
  • Light armour Standard x1
  • AXES:
  • Superior x 4
  • Standard x1
  • Star Metal Mastercrafted Axe
  • “Dreamcleaver”: Cuts through coils of flame, shadowcats and insubstantial dream creatures.
  • Standard x5
  • Superior x5
  • Standard Sword
  • Standard Dagger
  • First Aid (20 uses)
  • Alchemist’s Lab Equipment
  • Dreadlock's shoelaces (can force march along roads without loosing fatigue)
  • Chain emblem in the shape of the Velasquez serpent found near city of chains.
  • Reproduction of the king who waits heart on a chain
  • 60’ rope
  • 5’x 5’ canvas
  • Sagacity - A Minty Sprig used to Tasty-Up Cooking. Mmmm.
  • Beggar's Choice - A Putrid Brown Flower that smells of Rotten Meat. Can be used as Fast Poison Components with Poisonner: Preperation.
  • Lady Of Battles - Red Snap-Dragon Flowers. +1 To First Aid.
  • Spidersbane - Sickly Orange Berries. Venomous to Spiders and Weavers. Can be turned into a Slow Poison with Poisonner: Preperation.
  • Silkflower - Nasty Black Flower. Can be turned into a Paralysis Poison using Poisonner: Preperation.
  • Shadeslake - A Feathery White Herb growing amongst the metal footsteps. A Euphoric.
  • Starchild - A Single Silver Rose growing out from one of the metal footsteps. Absolutely unique.
  • GUIDE BOOK: A Guide To The Flora & Fauna of The Western Forest by S. D'Rowley & C. Hefton-Clemser-Ramber-Ramber-Quaff.

Notable Deeds

* Helped Proyas de Almedia deal with bandits on the family trade route, nearly looses a leg during the final trojan wagon ploy, but it is saved by Doctor Johanna's surgery skills (Gang war)
* Travelled much of the world delivering gifts from 'the man in the pub' to his brothers 'the man on the road', 'the man in the desert' and 'the man on the mountain soaking wet through' also learnt many survival skills, got some dreadlock shoelaces (Birthday Greetings)
* Sra heads for a graveyard deep in the western forest looking for the remains of the dead Lord Silvio LaCosta to be returned for cremation. Sra is possessed by one of ghosts of the unburned dead in the graveyard and under the control of the being has awild night with the barstaff. recovering in the morning he he finds that the lord is not in the graveyard but out in the swamps somewhere along with a load of missing children. Sra tracks huge webbed feet through the swamp and finds a hut on legs, with the children inside. The witch in the hut is slain and Silvio is in fact alive and ready to go home the LaCosta family are restored and all ends well. (A Heroes Rest)
* was shrunk down to minuscule proportions to carry out nano-heart surgery against vitrification on a noble lady (For Science!)
* As initiation into the Northern Defence League Went searching for the 'Lunar Host' with catastrophic consequences, ended up carrying Falcon Bravo out of Dream found a nice axe called 'Purgation'(The Mirror and the Moon)
* Used a stolen anvil in the Abbey of Broken Dreams to reforge 'Purgation' into 'Dreamcleaver' a magical axe, rescues his brotehr from the clutches of the evil tooth-fairy, who has a hard toffee sword. returning out of dream his brother and the other children are safely home and he has a fluff covered toffee sword to give to the college to play with (The Abbey of Broken Dreams)
* Hired by Malvolio de Courci to recover treasures lost to the shifting sand in a temple in the eastern desert. Started up his own woodland supplies business. (Sandcastles)
* Returned to the East to raid the Library of the King who waits for Beornwulf, got beaten to a pulp in the process(The Library of the King who waits)
* Hired by the college to take a party into the western forest via a fire-drake powered hot air balloon. Parachuted in and got chased out by the Verdant Lord whilst surrounded by walls of black flame. Found a load of herbs and some strange fallen star metal…with which he made another axe. (An Unearthly Child)


A skilled ranger from the thick woodlands near to watchtowers, which form the outer defences of the White City. Generally he remains at his family's home, being part of the wood cutting, fur trapping and wild game hunting family business run by his father, Poppa Yar with his elder brother Sel'rahc Yar, and his younger brother Sei'vad Yar. Meanwhile Momma Yar stays at home tending to the home, hearth and mending shirts.

From time to time Sra leaves the simple life behind to wander the wilderness, occasionally joining adventurers on strange and dangerous missions far beyond the white city's walls. His only objective really is to explore new places and learn new survival skills. Having no formal education, Sra's attitude towards life is very basic, chop it, burn it, track it, kill it, skin it, eat it. However he has his father's shrewdness and from time to time can plot a few good strategies to get around problems. He also doesn't come home without a pocket of Hexa to sweeten his leave of absence.

“Yars’ Woodland Enterprises”
Once a small scale family logging and trapping business, Sra has invested in total 400 Hexa into making contacts getting wagons, a large lumber yard and a load of staff to operate a small but fully fledged logging and furrier business. It also has a sideline of woodland supplies, such as tents, ropes, axes and strength potions in small supply.

He is fascinated with maps of the western forest and the cultures to be found deeper into the woodlands

Although has the skills of a poisoner, he is much more interested in using this to make antidotes to poisons rather than make poisons

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