Sister Yana


Body Hits 6
Armour 6
Fatigue 9
Parries 6
Dodges 0
Damage Quints
Psyche 7
Psychic Damage Doubles
Remaining Luck 1


Total XP: 224
XP Left: n/a


Warrior 5
Chain 5
Thief 3


Income: 30
Hexa Cash: n/a


General Skills Rank XP Total
Night Job 1 4
Skill2 1 4
Luck (1 used) 2 8
Tough 4 24
Empowered 1 10
Wealth 1 6
Strongwilled 2 8
Warrior Skills Rank XP Total
Staff 1 10
Weapon Master 5 30
Armoured Combat 1 6
First Aid 2 8
Strong 5 30
Bodyguard 1 2
Leadership 2 8
Armour Repair 1 4
Chain Skills Rank XP Total
Chain 5 50
Arcane lore chain 1 4
Thief Skills Rank XP Total
Cosh 2 8
Gutter Fighter 1 4
XP Total 224


  • Named 'Dangerously Beautful' - she has a metallic complexion.
  • Named 'Enemy of the Empire' after her encounter with the empire of the unbound.


  • Heavy Armour
  • Superior Staff that used to belong to Paulo
  • A shattered fragment of Belor de Velland's sheild.

Notable Deeds

  • Helped to kill the King who Waits and bound the 'Taker of Within' within her 5th chain of thought.
  • Helped Helped bind He who lives in memories past
  • Refused Bartholomew D'Artoir's hand in marriage after he wished to see what the offspring of two 'dangerously beautiful' people would look like.
  • Helped to track down and kill Belor de Velland and personally shattered his shield.
  • Escorted Rebecca De Courci to lay her brother Francis to rest.
  • Helped 'Ripper' Bill McKenzie heal the glass taint in Redbridge.
  • Rebound the minor Bound One Opal.
  • Took up a temporary assignment in the Port of Glass but left after the port was taken by Belor de Velland. Belor 'let her go' for old times sake.
  • Helped to recover the Light Corrupt and unfortunately caught the attention of Lemuel D'Artoir.
  • Was part of Toquell Velasquez' group who bound 'He Who Walks Wilderness' beneath the earth.
  • Was Second to High Captain Mattaius D'Almadea in his Duel with Sirius Panastra at the Battle for the White City.


Yana and her younger brother Jara hail from the City of Crossroads, born and bred. Both learnt Chain Magic from a member of the Cloistered Brethren posted in Crossroads where they lived. Her brother Jara was always the more academic of the two of them and theory came naturally to him, for Yana the practical side was always more intuitive and she found the book learning both the most tedious and boring aspect of it.
They both travelled to the White City to continue their studies with the Brethren at their head quarters and Yana, always tougher than her brother, found a role as a warrior and all round thug for the Brethren.
Yana rose through the ranks of the Brethren as her mastery of both Staff and Chain grew but was never entirely comfortable leading, and always thought of herself more as muscle and support for others.
She went on numerous missions both for the Brethren and for the City and had something of a reputation as an adventurer. In later years she became quite sullen and withdrawn. Many of her old friends had died or left or betrayed the things she loved. Carlos, Carmina, Belor, Bill, Ambriel (who she can just about remember on a good day)… all gone. Now she has few friends, Finch, Proyas and Thier, but keeps herself to herself much more than she had done in the past.
She vanished from public view recently after her return from a mission to the East where the King who Waits was slain. Very few people know what happened to her.
OOC: Following her return from killing the King who Waits and binding the name creature 'The Taker of Within' within her chain of thought she underwent a chain ritual to bind her soul into the silver chain. She became a chain wraith living beneath the Cloistered Brethren halls, forever guarding the creature bound in her 5th chain preventing it from getting free.

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