Tristan Blake


Body Hits 3
Armour 2
Fatigue 6
Parries 2
Dodges 0
Damage Triple
Psyche 5
Psychic Damage Single
Remaining Luck 1


Total XP: 54
XP Left: 5


Warrior 3
Scholar 3


Income: 5
Hexa Cash: 32


General Skills Rank XP Total
Tough 1 6
Day Job 1 2
Luck 1 4
Warrior Skills Rank XP Total
Great Weapon 1 14
Weapon Master: Greataxe 2 12
Scholar Skills Rank XP Total
Alchemist 2 8*
Learned 1 2
Ordained 1 6
XP Total 54

Day Job: Works in a potion shop
Alchemist: One rank from studying a spirit (at 2 XP), Healing, Strength
Ordained: The Spark of Life (a Bound One)
Learned: Fire


  • A member of the Faculty of Experimental and Inadvisable Battle Alchemy at the College of a Thousand Arts


  • Greataxe x1
  • Light Armour x2
  • Healing Potion x2
  • Strength Potion x1
  • Alchemical Equipment

Notable Deeds



Tristan's father is a powerful Dream sorcerer who got his mother pregnant through various means of magical trickery and then decided he had had enough of her and left her be. Herself ill and knowing she was likely to die soon, and not wanting the child to be left to fend for itself, she decided to seek out the father, whose name she never even knew, and get him to look after it. After much searching she was able to learn the man's name but died in the street before she could locate him. She was found with the child and a scrap of paper, the name on which was assumed to be that of the child: “Tristan Blake”.

Tristan was sent to the Land of Happiness Orphanage, an awful place in which he was exposed to all manner of horrors, including frequent nights spent sleeping in the vicinity of Mephisto with his Shattered Blood. This experience caused Tristan to gradually start to appreciate the more interesting ways to appreciate the boredom of life, such as the removal of limbs. Whilst at the orphanage he was particularly enthralled by the large open fireplace in the main living room, the flames of which he claimed spoke to him on occasion. One night whilst staring into the fire he felt its embrace and seeing something mystical and profound beyond the dancing embers had something of a spiritual revelation. In one great act of worship to this fire he burned the entire orphanage to the ground, killing all but a handful of survivors, leaving none aware of his involvement alive. In doing so, he became ordained to what he thinks is fire, but is in fact a Bound One known only as the Spark of Life.

From here on Tristan kept to himself and tried to find a way to live by himself within the White City. Eventually finding he had something of a talent for working with potions he got a job as an apprentice Alchemist working in a potion shop. He still works there to this day, occasionally going out on the odd adventure or two when he gets bored with shop work.

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