Emmanuel's Ennui

by Xan

In conversation with Emmanuel D'Artois following the “Raindrops & Roses” event:

“Duchess Caroline's Nameday celebration? Pleasant enough, as I recall. Some frightful fools there though, and most disappointing that Niske's shown his true colours at last; I used to be rather fond of him till he revealed himself as a craven coward. Insults me to my face, then refuses to answer my gentlemanly challenge with anything but scared silence! I took that to be assent, but then he goes and spoils Caroline's party by making a scene about it later and refuses to give me my rightful satisfaction, honestly, he's a disgrace to the Family's good name…” <noise of contempt>

“I did hear about some fellow up north named Matteus, apparently the brother of that fop Fal-Kar, you know, the chap I gave a good thrashing when he came to steal one of father's previous wives-to-be - wish I hadn't let him live. But this Matteus fellow sounds like he might be a decent challenge for my blade, Vitriarchs witness there's precious little worthy sport left in the Port. Have asked Bartholomew to pass on an invite when he gets back there.”

“What else happened? Oh, nothing much - there were the usual suspects and some fresh faces, some quite amusing but nobody interesting. Thaddeus is becoming quite the pain about this whole politicking business, not to mention patronising me about duelling etiquette! I'm sure I don't know why he expects me to muddy myself with plotting and gossip, isn't that what we keep him around for?”

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