The Family De Courci

Her Eminence Rebecca De Courci

Now well into her forties, Rebecca De Courci is a peerless and parlous politician. She has balanced the feuding Families with consummate skill and under her inspired leadership the White City has prospered. As is ever the case with successful and influential people, particularly female ones, rumours abound about the source of her success. They just don't bound too high or too loud.

Rebecca's daughter, Lady Eleanor De Courci, has been announced as Rebecca's heir. Eleanor's father is publically unknown.

The shield of the De Courci Family consists of three golden crowns on a red field. This is, in fact, the coat of arms of the Governorship of the White City, but has been adopted by the Family De Courci as a matter of course.

The Late Sir Francis De Courci, RIP

Younger brother to Rebecca De Courci, Francis was thought to be very, very close to his sister (rumours abounded about that as well). It was something of an open secret that Francis De Courci was the Captain of the Low Guard, although Rebecca has always maintained personal authority over that organisation. Assassinated by Light fanatics in the service of Marius during the recent coup.

The Late(ish) Lady Lydia De Courci

Lady Eleanor De Courci

Rebecca's infant daughter and heir. The identity of her father is publicly unknown.

Stephano De Courci (PC, played by Julian)

Stephano De Courci was once a noble hero of the White City. Nephew to Rebecca, famed priest and sorcerer, he more than once saved the city from disaster - travelling to the North to bring back a cure for a dreadful plague; using his magic to save the life of the White City's champion as he battled Sirius Panastra in the Naming and Binding War.

Then things changed. Driven by his desire to return his dead sister to life, Stephano allied himself with Selena Curiana, learning necromancy from her, and then journeyed with her to the Burned Realm, where he participated in the murder of the Lord of Gardens, and was cursed to eternal life for it. For a while, Stephano hid his new powers from the authorities, but in the end he was forced to flee the White City, joining up with his secret allies in the Port of Glass and Flame.

With the overthrow of Belor de Velland, Stephano disappeared from public life for several years, until rumours of is return from the far west began to circulate. Soon after, he returned to the White City in spectacular fashion, conducting a mighty ritual atop the highest tower in the College of the Thousand Arts which ended death by old age. His quest to end death at least in part fulfilled, it remains to be seen whether Stephano has gone any way to ending the suspicion with which the citizens of the White City regard him, and whether he intends to renew his claim to his Aunt's position as governor of the White City…

Stephano's arms are: On a blue shield, three golden crowns each of which has above it a red rose.

Teresa & Henri De Courci (PCs, played by Helen W & Chris N)

Teresa & Henri De Courci were raised in the White City's Embassy to the City of Silk, where their mother served as one of the Ambassadors. Having recently reached their age of majority, they have both travelled to the White City in the hope of making a name for themselves and serving their Family as diplomats and adventurers. Teresa is a priestess of the Verdant Lord and a sorceress, while Henri is a lay worshipper of the Rose Prince of the South.

Johanna De Courci (PC, played by Christi)

Lady Regent Sasha De Courci (PC, played by Vicky)

When Valeri De Courci, shunning his family's advice, married the slightly enigmatic woman he met in the City of Silk more than a few eyebrows were raised. A few years later Sasha was born. First cousin to Henry and Teresa and newly arrived on the adventuring circuit, Sasha is not exactly at home with the propieties of noble tradition. Her father encouraged her to head to the White City in order to try and make a name for herself. Her strange serpentile green eyes and skill as a blood sorceress make little secret of which goddess it is that she worships. Despite this, however, it seems that she has managed to rise up through the ranks of the family. After saving Rebecca De Courci from an assasination attempt by adventurers from the far east, Sasha was appointed Regent of the White City. If anything should befall the Governess, Sasha would rule the city until Eleanor De Courci reaches the age of maturity. It is rumoured that part of the reason for this appointment was that Sasha's magical prowess would act as a deterrent for anyone wishing the Governess harm.

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