The Fourth Sleeper, the Queen of the Lost Road


The Queen is a rather melancholy woman associated with a Dream phenomenon known as the Lost Road; a path which leads to either alternate realities in which events in the past have turned out differently to this life, or potent Dreams of such alternate realities, depending on who you ask (the Queen herself claims that the distinction is academic, but then, she is a dream power). She claims to have only limited power over the Lost Road and where it can take people, although such claims are obviously difficult to verify. Unlike certain other Sleepers, she doesn't appear to have any plans to destroy, assimilate, corrupt, or conquer the waking world.

Recent Events

The Lost Road drew Harriet Pinter and certain acquaintances into an 'alternate reality' in which the Necromancer of Three Rivers had brought his plans to fruition (Ashes to Ashes, 21/06/08).

An 'alternate reality' in which the Light had been bound, leaving the Dark as a tangible (and dangerous) force, touched on the waking world; the exact role of the Lost Road was not clear, however (Dark Dreams, 21/02/09 and Drive Back the Dark, 02/05/2009).

It emerged that the Fourth Sleeper had used her powers to preserve a village related to her former, mortal identity in a Dream time loop for six years, and thereby allowed it to be rescued by a party of adventurers from a disaster caused by the Fifth Sleeper (Monday, Bloody Monday, 31/10/09)

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