The Ballad Of Sir Thomas Wollesley

by Chris N

Sung to the tune of “The Smugglers” (variously known as “Smugglers Theme” or “Ailsa Craig”):

A band rode out one morning pale in the dawning of the light “Here's thirty men”, Sir Thomas cried, “all fit to stand and fight, And why should they toil, for others' spoil when there's gold and gold to spare, We'll take our due, then let them through, for what could be more fair?

Call the boys and block the road, The carters haul a heavy load, Today we fight, or today we die, It's a bandit's life for me! It's a bandit's life for me!” My lad, you have a craft to trade, Lore and book and pen, Can you not live, a lawful life, and live with lawful men? “But why must I sit in musty halls, why must I stand in line, When I can take my sword in hand and drink the Wollesley's wine?”

My lass, I like to see you lie all naked in the dawn, My lass, you've caught Sir Thomas' eye, your hair as gold as corn, You'll hold him here, and call him dear, but then he'll turn away, His heart is out and round about for his band will fight today.

The years have passed, the days so fast, we've lost as well as won, The band still fights, and sets their lights, and sees the merchants run, And when at last, the morning comes, we're safe home, all alive, Lord Thomas sits and drinks and sings, until the night arrives!

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