Ulf and Jenevieve

by James F & Jenni

It’s foggy, good weather to escape. I run through the slums, cutting down a side route, over a wall, and I’m into our turf. I won’t be followed. This is King Eric’s ground, neutral ground- for the whores, the muggers, the dealers, the hitmen, and us conmen.

There’s someone in the fog. Someone big- probably Atuz. He’s a troll-blood. Stupid bastard, but a handy guard.

Shit. Don’t remember this. What hairy legs he’s got? And what fucked up hands he’s got? And my, how beaten by the ugly stick he’s been?

“You Timas? I’m Ulf. You cheat Jen at cards…” ~

Lady Jenevieve Velasquez walks through the forest with her entourage, whistling softly under her breath. It's too quiet. The forest feels wrong, and she knows why. She tries not to dwell on it, silently promising Vincenzi, wherever he is, that something will be done. Soon. She stops. This looks like the place. “You guys go on ahead, okay?” One of the Silken City guards looks puzzled. She thinks his name is Morgock. After a week in their city she thinks it possible that they are all called Mor-something. “Milady, it's… it's dangerous for a woman in the forest alone.” She snorts in disgust. “I may be a woman, but I am also a Velasquez; right now I’m probably the dodgiest bugger East of Roderigo and West of White City. Anyway, no harm will come to me here, I can assure you of that.” “With all due respect, what can you have to do here, in the middle of the Western forest?” “Just visiting a friend. I’ll catch up with you!” “But-” But the Velasquez was already clearing a path in a different direction. Morgead turns to his comrades. “Who can she be visiting out here?” Wolves howl in the distance.


Pack runs. Green, red, brown. Trees, animals, forest. Tear through webs, leap over rivers, thread between trees.

Howl. Stop! Smell! People? Here? Food? Growl. No! Know smell. Nice. Friend. Snarl. Not friend! Never trust people! People burn forest, people shatter forest! People follow Name Gods, Shattered Gods, Trickster Gods! Never trust! Quiet. Maybe. But this person trust. This person friend of forest. This person Vincenzi's. This person Mine. This person wants to stop Flame. This person will obey. This person will protect. This person will never be hurt.

Enter the clearing. Pack stays back, around the edge. Ulf steps up… ~


“You’re doing well for yourself,” says Jenevieve, leaning forward and helping herself to a chicken leg from Ulf’s desk.

Ulf visibly cowers. “Um.”

She swallows, then narrows her eyes at her friend. “What?”

“What?” Ulf looks innocent.

“I asked first. You’ve been acting jumpy all evening.”

“Has Jen talked to Chi-Chiara?”

“Not for ages. Can’t stand the vacuous bint.”

“And Jen wouldn’t stab Ulf?”

“Only if you stabbed me first. Why?”

Ulf relaxes. “No reason.”


“MacKenzie gave you his hand? Huh. Who got the other bits of him?”

Ulf’s eyes widen in shock.

“I didn’t mean- Oh, by the blood!”

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