Harriet Pinter


Body Hits 3
Armour 2
Fatigue 6
Parries 1
Dodges 5
Damage Single
Psyche 10
Psychic Damage Doubles
Remaining Luck 2


Total XP: 234
XP Left: 0


Ash 5
Scholar 5
Ranger 3


Income: 5
Hexa Cash: some


General Skills Rank XP Total
Strong Willed 5 20
Day Job (college librarian) 1 2
Empowered 1 10
Luck 1 8
Quick 5 30
Tough 1 6
Ash Skills Rank XP Total
Ordained (Lord of the Faithful) 1 6
Ash 5 50
Rites 5 20
Exorcism 1 6
Scholar Skills Rank XP Total
Arcane lore Ash 1 6
Arcane lore Glass 1 4
Arcane lore Dream 1 4
Arcane lore Wind 1 4
Arcane lore Light 1 4
Alchemy (Heal) 1 6
Alchemy (strength from a spirit) 1 2
Alchemy (purification from a spirit) 1 2
Alchemy (anti-glass from a spirit) 1 2
Learned - Baramaus' Fire 1 2
Tactician 4 16
Strength from alchemy 1 6
Ranger Skills Rank XP Total
First Aid 1 4
Armour Repair 1 4
Survival Burnt Realm 1 4
Survival Broken Garden 1 4
Disengage 1 4
XP Total 234


  • Willingly blood bound to Paolo.
  • Ex-High Priest of the Lord of the Faithful


  • Superior Light armour
  • Superior sword (Made by a craftsman in the burnt realm… but for no special effects)
  • A notebook detailing all her adventures and her academic observations.

Notable Deeds

  • Fell asleep and could not be woken. Slowly faded out of existence. Reports say that she ended up in a dream of an alternate world where the Necromancer had Won long ago. Reports also say that she stayed willingly there with a dream of one Bairoth De Mamushi to help restore the world she found herself in. The Fourth Sleeper is implicated in this incidence. (Ashes to Ashes)
  • Turned the Grey Templar from her service to the now dead necromancer at three rivers. The Grey Templar, Gailana Shaw, is now one of the gardeners of white roses. (Last Orders)
  • Helped kill Selena Curiana (Operation Certain Death)
  • Helped forge the Willow Spear into a weapon to kill Selena. (Dark Harvest)
  • Discovered that the Frost Prince likes eggs for breakfast.
  • Rescued Bairoth from service to the Hushed Princess and allowed him to ascend with Carmina to the Light. (Whispers in the Wind)
  • Destroyed a glass tower that the Lord of the Isle of Souls had generated to 'rescue' souls from the shattered plain. Ended up trapped on the shattered plane and used her Boon from the Lord of the Faithful to escape. (Smoke and Mirrors)
  • Prevented the Necromancer at Three Rivers and the Daughter of Silence from sacrificing the Lord of Grey Roses in order to destroy Selena. (and thereby saved Selena but that's somewhat besides the point.). In the process destroyed a 'chain of ivory' made by the willing sacrifice of 3333 souls. The Daughter of Silence is killed by The Black Wind called by Harriet. (The Master and Selena)
  • Harriet spent several months 'living' in the Burnt realm helping the Lord of Grey roses tend to the garden of Red Roses.
  • Following the death of the Lord of the Gardens, Harriet uses the Coldfire instead to heal the partial infection of the Lord of the Faithful by glass. In the adventure the Lord of the House of the Gods is also purged of his glass taint however this required the removal of his arm. (Faith and the Fallen)
  • Races to create the Coldfire (renamed Baramaus' fire) in order to try and heal the Lord of the Gardens from his Glass taint before Selena gets to him first. Harriet lost and Selena won. (Fire and Ice)
  • Recovery of a scroll stolen by a priest of the lord of the gardens. It turns out that Glass was involved in influencing the theft. (reflections and ruins) This was the first hint of what was to come in the infestation of glass into the burnt realm. (Reflections and Ruins)
  • For a time was ordained to Dream after an encounter with Hope. It is here she also learnt from Innocence that she once considered the Namers her children, that once they were innocent and sane but that now they are driven mad with their bindings. The veracity of this claim has never been tested. (Infinite Dreams)


Harriet Pinter was a white city girl born and bred. Never one for adventure but a stickler for duty to her Lord, and with a hunger for knowledge she ended up going on many dangerous adventures regardless.
She ended up dedicating her life not only to the Lord of the Faithful but in battling the forces of Glass and their encroachment into the Burnt realm.
After one such excursion she ended up stranded in the shattered plain for some time and returned shaking, unable to hold a sword. It is for this reason that she was unable to go with the party who eventually killed the Necromancer at Three Rivers. Something she always regretted not least for the fact that she never told Bairoth how she felt about him and he did not return.
Her final mission saw her travel The Lost Road in her dreams to a world where the Necromancer had won and the world was filled with death and ash but the Necromancer had long since departed. There she found an alternate version of Bairoth who was striving to return life to the world through his alchemy and to free the ash lords bound beneath heavy chains in this alternate dream world. Determined not to miss her chance again, she decided to stay with the alternate version of Bairoth and help him free the Ash gods, including her Lord. Those who knew her best and saw her at the end would have seen she was happy for the first time in a long while.

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