by Joe

Your Eminence,

With regret I must announce my decision to resign from the position of Captain of the Low Guard. In recent months it has become increasingly clear that my personal feelings have severely compromised my ability to serve the interests of the City and your Government without hesitation. Having renounced my station as High Priest of the Hushed Princess I have lost many of the contacts and abilities that rendered me effective in the role. Most importantly however, the recent change in leadership of the Exalted Church of the Light has made my position untenable as I can no longer offer you the undivided loyalty that I swore upon assuming office. You are well aware of my friendship with the new High Priestess and while I firmly believe that she will always act in the interests of the people of the White City, I cannot guarantee that I would be able to act effectively against her should the Power she serves cause her to act against your Eminence's wishes. Indeed I would oppose the actions of the Low Guard, the High Guard or any other organisation that might seek to cause harm to the person or character of High Priestess Curiana. I have selected a small number of candidates from amongst my officers as being suitable to succeed me and they have received orders to attend you individually shortly after you receive this letter. I personally recommend that you keep your choice private; the Low Guard are not well served by having the identity of their Captain an open secret. The three assassination attempts made against me by Velvet Guard operatives would have caused significant disruption to the organisation had they been successful. I regret that I must give you this decision by letter rather than offering my resignation in person, however I am aware that the state secrets to which I have become privy should not be in the hands of a private citizen. I am confident that my successor will feel the same way, and would likely be inclined to permanently remove me as a potential threat to the continued well-being of the De Courci government. While I appreciate the logic of such a decision I have no intention of being a target of my former colleagues. Therefore I have decided to accompany the mission from the Temple of Ash to assault the Palace at Three Rivers and following the hopeful success of that venture I do not intend to return to the White City. I would urge that you do not allow the limited resources of the Guard to be pointlessly strained in an attempt to find me. In closing it has been an honour and a privilege to serve you and my city and I will always regret that I was unable to protect your daughter from the treachery of De Velland and his associates. It is my firm belief now that the adventuring community of the White City is its greatest asset but also represents its greatest threat. Adventurers are generally courageous, dedicated and hugely talented individuals, however they are often insanely ambitious, frequently psychotic and have egos to rival the gods themselves. My parting advice is that the Low Guard must remain deeply involved with this community. Its members should be recruited where appropriate, controlled where possible and watched always. Your Friend and Servant, Carlos de Mamushi

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