The Peak of Regrets

by James F

Her mascara ran.

She lay in the undergrowth, stifling her sobs, listening to Federico and Ratrina- her friends, her cousins, people she knew and loved- calling for her, the pain of betrayal in their voices. She wasn't sure if they were looking to save her or kill her. She knew they mustn't find her.

She saw the body of Adi, lying in snow dyed red, cut down by her sword.

She saw the higher ranking apparition of herself, commanding her to strike.

She saw her and Adi, part-joking and part-bitter as they worked together to convince Fed not to trust the man seeking help by the River of Shadows.

She saw her and Adi, the look between them when Fed told them they’d be traveling with that damned exorcist, the look that took them back to before they met Innocence, before the problems.

She saw Fed when he learnt Erica had been kidnapped, the horror and fear mingling on his normally so dependable face, and saw how she'd resolved at that moment to help him rescue her no matter what.

She saw fire licking the city, as Belor led them on a midnight raid against the followers of Marius. She saw Belor’s eyes burning with the flame as he invoked his will. She saw herself fall hopelessly in love, pledge herself to the de Vellands forever.

She saw Fed and Erica at their engagement party, smiling, holding hands, thanking her for the heraldry she commissioned.

She saw Adi subduing her, saving her life when the Fears-Of-Falling attacked near the Peak of Memory, and saw how she turned on Adi in return.

She saw the argument with Innocence, when Innocence claimed The Bound Ones were once The Beautiful Ones and 'hers', when the problems started. She saw how Diego had reminded her of the truth, and how they’d quarreled with Adi, Locke and Claire.

She saw earlier on that journey, the cheerful atmosphere as she’d shown the scholars how to decapitate zombies, bragging of her previous exploits. How the zombies had risen again, and Locke had pointed out these ones seemed to need their arms removed as well as their heads.

She saw her first adventure, meeting with Bill in a seedy tavern and going into the Three Gardens. She saw herself being attacked by zombies, bound by vines, shot by Bodach, saved by Adan.

She saw her father on a pyre, slain by the army of He Who Walks Wilderness. She saw her mother going mad from the loss. She saw Belric arriving in the city, assuming control of the house and the family. She saw the arguments.

She saw before, years before her father died or Belric took over, she saw herself and Solric playing out in the courtyard, her laughing at Solric’s fascination with the light bathing them.

She realized that was the last time she was really happy.

So she went to Solric.

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