The Seventh Sleeper


Although the Seventh Sleeper has been encountered in the North, the incidents remain largely unreported, being more associated with the Bard of Rainbows due to his appearance at the time. The “Recurring Dream” mentioned by the Third Sleeper seems most likely to be this Sleeper.

The Seventh Sleeper has no physical manifestation, and any possible waking form it may have once had has dissolved entirely into Dream itself, making it an abstract entity of concept which dwells only within the mind. In terms of interaction with the waking world, it functions as something of a memetic virus, feeding on recurring events and stagnant cliché and spreading, burying itself in the recesses of the psyche and trying to cause the repetition of common themes and happenings. To this end it is capable of large-scale Dream illusions and mass hallucinations where it has spread sufficiently.

Recent Events

  • Appeared in the Whistful City and surrounding area, manipulating a group of adventurers and leading them on a generic “adventure”. (To Arise Again, 28/11/2009)
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