The Family De Almedia

Duke Vitaliano & Duchess Lucilla De Almedia

Vitaliano and Lucilla De Almedia are the current Duke and Duchess of the Family and, whilst advanced in years, they have a political and business acumen which makes them a terror to their enemies. The Duke and Duchess De Almedia are considered to be amongst the most honest nobility in the City, precious few scandalous rumours are ever circulated about them.

The shield of the De Almedia Family is a black, green-eyed spider, rearing as if to attack and facing forward, on a red shield.

Nadia-Caterina De Almedia

Fantasy cliché #29, the darkly beautiful spider priestess. Nadia-Caterina, heir to the line following the death of Alessandro, is indeed dark, in hair and eye at least, and is quite pretty in a consumptive sort of a way. She is also an Ordained Priestess of the Cult of the Spider Queens. She's a reasonably competent Blood sorcerer, but a little given to melodrama. As a result of an ill-advised and short-lived relationship with a Mor, she is the mother of Nathaniel. She tries not to acknowledge this.

Marcus & Carla De Almedia

Carla is the younger sister of Duke Vitaliano, wife to Marcus and mother to Matteus, Fal-Kar and Luciano.

High Captain Matteus De Almedia, Champion of the White City (PC, played by Xan)

One of the four High Captains of the High Guard and a Priest of the Rose Princes, Matteus stands as the Champion of the White City since the Army of the Red Gryphon attacked and he stepped forward to face and defeat their champion, Sirius Panastra, in single combat. He is a brash and arrogant man in his late twenties who likes nothing more than a good duel and pays particular honour to the Rose Prince of the South. Known to be more interested in upholding the law within the White City and maintaining the status quo than in any abstract notions of “justice”, he finds it hard to believe that anyone might knowingly disrespect his authority and is always ready to teach a sharp lesson to those who do, his temper occasionally getting the better of him. Nephew to Duke Vitaliano and older brother to Fal-Kar and Luciano - he has recently become Fal-Kar's apprentice in order to learn the ways of Wind sorcery. His right arm is made of living gold, apparently an unsought “blessing” of the Light gained on an expedition to the Breathing Isles.

Captain Matteus' shield is the City Shield of the De Almedias: A red shield divided in two by a gold band, now surmounted by a horizontal white sword to signify his status as the city's champion. On the band, a crowned black halberd. On the left side, three gold crowns. On the right side, a black, green-eyed spider, rearing as if to attack and facing forward.

Fal-Kar De Almedia (PC, played by Rich)

Formerly a complete flake, Fal-Kar has been bullied by his Family and circumstance into taking a more active role in the Family's trading concerns. He seems to constantly be at the wrong place at the wrong time and thus get himself further into trouble over almost any issue. Sometimes it seems to him that all his knowledge has been taught the hard way. A Wind sorcerer of some renown, he is known to respect and revere all the Princes of Breath. It is said he was instrumental in the rescuing of one Kit Fisable from the Port of Glass, even throwing a duel against Emmanuel D'Artois so as to keep up to speed with the plan (says he if challenged over the matter). He has most recently been seen in the De Almedia library looking up duelling customs cross referenced to the Port of Glass and swearing a lot.

Fal-Kar is nephew to Duke Vitaliano, younger brother to Matteus, older brother to Luciano.

Luciano De Almedia

An eight year old boy who is widely viewed as a spoilt brat. Son of Marcus and Carla, younger brother to Matteus and Fal-Kar, nephew to Duke Vitaliano.

Jacques De Almedia (PC, played by Chris N, now missing in action)

Jac De Almedia (alias Jack Hall when indulging in secrecy) was, through an accident of chronology, brought up a bandit by Sir Thomas Wollesley's men. He was brought into the Family fold by the De Almedias at around the age of twenty-five, with the main job description of being professionally expendable. He adventured for the White City, made something of a reputation for himself and then went missing in the Port of Glass while attempting to rescue Kit Fisable. Jacques was the only survivor of a cadet branch of the Family, his father being a second cousin to Duke Vitaliano.

Ratrina De Almedia (PC, played by Andrea)

Ratrina's arms are a black spider on a red and green shield. By choice, the spider is drawn stylised rather than realistically. Editor's Note: Ratrina is married to Sebastian de Fideli; both nobles have chosen to keep their Family name.

Dante De Almedia (PC, played by Chris V)

Anna De Almedia (PC, played by Natalie)

Mistor De Almedia (PC, played by Tristram)

Nathaniel De Almedia (PC, played by James I)

Bored with his somewhat dull family, and rather estranged from his parents, young Nathaniel entertained himself by sneaking out and stealing things around the city for the challenge. Despite his best efforts, his adventures have ended up more honourable than profitable; it was when he found himself leading a squad of irregulars behind enemy lines in the war against the King Who Waits that he realised things had gone horribly wrong somewhere. Now he tries to only adventure for personal gain, and has picked up eternal youth and rainbow eyes from the Bard of Rainbows for his trouble.

The Ashen Scholar (PC, played by Jen)

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